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The Best Attack Frontline Artifact Rolls

In this guide we are going to have a look at the Attack Artifacts of Infinity Kingdom. For this one, we are going to look at the world of Primary and Secondary rolls on your attack artifacts. We will go over which rolls are better in what scenarios.

Attack Roll Attribute Pool

Primary attributesSecondary attributesBonus
Physical Attack Rate (%)Physical Attack Rate (%)Surge (energy reg.)
Physical Attack ValuePhysical Attack ValueIron Fist (physical dmg)
Magical Defense Rate (%)Magical Attack Rate (%)
Magical Defense ValueMagical Attack Value
Accuracy Rate (%)
Accuracy Value
Physical Defense Rate (%)
Physical Defense Value
Magical Defense Rate (%)
Magical Defense Value
Resiliance Rate (%)
Resiliance Value
Crit Rate (%)
Crit Rate Value
Dodge Rate Rate (%)
Dodge Value

Different types of Attack Immortals

You can run most front-line damage dealers on a scale from full dps to full support to utility. It all depends on your specific build. Some Immortals have a main role of providing utility to the fight and dosen’t deal any significant damage. Other Attack Immortals deals massive damage but provide little to no utility!

There are also a few Immortals that should always be run in a specific way as the archetypes of the three melee Immortal types.

For example:

(1) an Immortal like Manco and Alexander the Great is a pure Physical Damage Dealer.
(2) William and Attila are Ultimate Ability Based Utility & DPS.

Other Immortals such as like William, Hippolyta, Attila, Ramesses, Saladin, Ragnar, Herald, and so on, can be placed on a scale from Physical Damage to Utility.

The best rolls for your specific Immortal depends entirely on the sub-type of Attack Immortal you are running and on the build you use it in. Therefore, I am reluctant to make a simplified list of the best rolls. Instead, we need to dive deep and understand each of the three archtypes of Attack Immortals and their individual Best In Slot Artifact Attribute Rolls.

1. Physical Damage Dealer

2. Ultimate Ability Based Utility DPS

Therefore I want to dive a bit deeper then merely presenting the options of rolls. Please see my individual guides on each of the three types above!

Published: 23-11-2022