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How to obtain Stardust

Unveiling Stardust: A Guide to Infinity Kingdom’s Latest Resource

Published: October 11, 2023

Infinity Kingdom’s latest update, version 2.6.3, brings with it a captivating new resource known as Stardust. This enigmatic substance is introduced as part of the Immortal Portrait system, also debuting in this exciting patch.

In this article, we will explore what Stardust is, its essential functions, how it is obtained, and its significance in enhancing your Immortal’s power.

What is Stardust and How Does It Work?

Stardust is a versatile resource with a primary role: to upgrade your Immortal Portraits. The Immortal Portraits, a key feature of the 2.6.3 update, serve as a mechanism for enhancing your Immortal’s capabilities. Each Immortal Portrait level attained through Stardust upgrades bestows new buffs that significantly amplify your Immortal’s combat power. These improvements manifest through increased attribute values, contributing to your Immortal’s overall effectiveness in battles.

For example, an Immortal like Alexander, renowned for his physical damage prowess, experiences noteworthy enhancements with each level. As his Portrait level increases, his physical attack, damage, defense, and accuracy attributes receive substantial boosts. This transformation empowers Immortals to become even more formidable, turning the tides of battle in your favor.

The Costs of Stardust Upgrades

As Stardust is a freshly introduced resource, comprehensive cost information is not available at the moment. However, we will diligently monitor and update this article as more details emerge. It’s important to keep an eye on future announcements and community discussions to stay informed about the requirements for Stardust upgrades.

For reference, here is the information we currently possess on the initial nine levels of Stardust upgrades, full information on the costs of upgrading Immortal Portrait levels can be found here.

Obtaining Stardust: Unveiling the Sources

Stardust can be acquired from a variety of sources, ensuring that players have multiple paths to collect this valuable resource. Here are the primary outlets to obtain Stardust:

Arena Shop: The Arena Shop offers a daily total of 60 Stardust, obtainable in exchange for 15,000 Insignias. Engaging in the arena battles and performing well can grant you access to this precious resource.

Throne of the Supreme Shop: In the Throne of the Supreme Shop, you will find a seasonal total of 250 Stardust. Acquiring these Stardust requires an investment of 25,000 Glory Coins. These coins are a sought-after currency earned through participation in various game events.

Marketplace: The Marketplace, a versatile hub for resources, also sells Stardust. Here, you can purchase 1 Stardust for either 120 Gems or 200 Soul Crystals, depending on your preference and resource availability. This flexibility ensures that players can acquire Stardust according to their specific in-game choices.

Mysterious Pearl Shop: The Mysterious Pearl Shop offers a daily total of 20 Stardust, available at the cost of 20 Pearls. This provides yet another opportunity to obtain Stardust and expand your Immortal’s power.

In conclusion, Stardust, the new resource introduced in the 2.6.3 patch, is set to play a vital role in enhancing your Immortals’ capabilities through the Immortal Portrait system. While its costs are yet to be fully revealed, its acquisition from various in-game sources ensures that players have the means to access this resource. As you embark on your journey to upgrade Immortal Portraits and boost combat power, Stardust will undoubtedly be a resource of great significance in Infinity Kingdom’s ever-evolving landscape.