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New Immortal: Pakal the Great (earth)

Player Guide: Mastering Pakal the Great in Infinity Kingdom

With the launch of patch 2.6.7, Infinity Kingdom welcomed a new Earth Immortal to its ranks: Pakal the Great. As a Defense type commanding Shieldmen troops, Pakal introduces a unique dynamic to the battlefield with his ultimate ability, Glorious Blessing. This guide delves into the strategic nuances of Pakal the Great, offering insights into maximizing his potential in your immortal lineup.

Ultimate Ability: Glorious Blessing

Description: “Applies Glorious Blessing to all allies for 9 seconds. While this is active, for every 10 attacks by allies, applies a shield to the ally (including self) who’s suffered the heaviest losses. The shield absorbs damage (Absorb Rate 300%) and lasts 6 seconds.”

This ability marks Pakal the Great as a defensive powerhouse, providing crucial survivability to the most vulnerable units on the battlefield. The mechanic of generating shields in response to attacks makes Pakal particularly effective against opponents that deal rapid, multiple instances of damage, ensuring sustained protection and resilience for his forces.

Strategic Implications

Pakal’s ultimate ability shines in scenarios where your army faces a barrage of enemy attacks. Its effectiveness is heightened in battles characterized by:

  • High-frequency attack rates from enemies, where Pakal can continually generate shields to protect the most vulnerable allies.
  • Compositions that benefit from enhanced survivability, allowing offensive units more time and protection to deal damage.

Optimal Team Setups

Pakal the Great’s versatile defense mechanism makes him a formidable ally across various elemental setups, particularly in earth, shadow, and holy compositions. His ability to bolster defenses through strategic shielding allows for greater flexibility in team composition, emphasizing a balance between offense and sustained survivability.

Earth Compositions

Integrating Pakal with other Earth immortals can strengthen the already formidable defensive capabilities of Earth setups, making them nearly impervious to enemy attacks.

Shadow and Holy Setups

In Shadow compositions, Pakal’s shielding complements the debuff strategies typically employed by Shadow immortals. Similarly, in Holy setups, his ability synergizes with healing and buffing mechanics, creating a durable frontline that can withstand significant punishment.

Unlocking and Maximizing Pakal the Great

Legion of Frostborne

Pakal the Great fragments can be acquired in the late conquest seasons of the Legion of Frostborne, offering a direct path to unlocking and upgrading him for players engaging in this event.

Eternal Glory Bundle

The special Eternal Glory bundle presents an opportunity for players to obtain Pakal fragments, accelerating the process of integrating him into their immortal lineup.

Hall of Immortals and Marketplace

Free-to-play summons in the Hall of Immortals also offer a chance to acquire Pakal fragments. While he is not yet available in the marketplace, players should keep an eye out for his addition, providing another avenue for collection and upgrade.


Pakal the Great emerges as a significant addition to the roster of Immortals in Infinity Kingdom, offering unique defensive capabilities that can turn the tide of battle. His ability to dynamically shield the most vulnerable allies makes him an invaluable asset in a wide range of team compositions. By strategically acquiring and deploying Pakal the Great, players can enhance their army’s survivability, opening new tactical possibilities in both offense and defense. Whether through participation in Legion of Frostborne, investment in special bundles, or attentive engagement with the Hall of Immortals, seizing the opportunity to maximize Pakal’s potential will undoubtedly fortify your presence in the realm of Norheim.

Published: 19-03-2024