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Random Immortal Fragments (new in patch 2.6.8)

Player Guide: Navigating the New Random Draw Summon Items in Infinity Kingdom

Infinity Kingdom’s recent update (Patch 2.6.8) introduced an exciting feature for players across all spending tiers: Random Draw Summon Items. This is particularly great news for all Free-to-Play players as well as low- to mid spenders!

These items provide a path to acquiring some of the game’s most coveted immortals, including those that were previously exclusive to paying players. This guide will explain how these summon items work, where to find them, and why they represent a significant shift towards a more inclusive gameplay experience.

Understanding Random Draw Summon Items

How It Works

  • Acquisition of Fragments: Players can collect Random Draw Summon Fragments through various in-game events, including seasonal events and the newly revamped Harbour feature.
  • Summoning Process: Once a player accumulates 60 fragments, they can use them to perform an unrestricted summon, which grants a random epic immortal from a specified pool.

The Immortal Pool

The pool for the Random Draw Summon includes a mix of immortals across all traditional elements—fire, lightning, earth, water, and wind. Notably, this pool also includes premium characters typically reserved for paying players:

  • Confirmed Immortals Include: William, Zenobia, Ramesses, Merlin, Genghis Khan, Tokugawa, Pakal, Mathilda, Baldwin, El Cid, Richard, among others.

Special thank you to all of you who have been sharing your draws with us in the IK-wiki Discord, I am very thankful that many kind people are sharing insights with each other here. Thank you!

Strategic Implications

Accessibility to Premium Content

  • Breaking Paywalls: The introduction of Random Draw Summon Items is a game-changer, especially for free-to-play (F2P) and low-to-mid spenders. By integrating previously paywalled immortals into the pool accessible via free or earned in-game methods, the game democratizes access to powerful characters.
  • Enhanced Gameplay Equity: This feature helps level the playing field, giving all players a chance to compete more effectively, regardless of their spending capacity.

Tips for Maximizing This Feature

  • Active Participation in Events: Engage actively in all available events, especially the Harbour and seasonal activities, to maximize your acquisition of Random Draw Summon Fragments.
  • Strategic Resource Management: Prioritize events and activities that offer these fragments to ensure you’re steadily working towards your next summon.
  • Diversify Your Strategy: With access to a broader range of immortals, consider exploring new strategic combinations and team setups that leverage the unique abilities of these high-tier characters.

Potential Future Developments

  • Expansion of the Immortal Pool: As the game continues to evolve, additional premium immortals may be added to the summon pool, further expanding the strategic possibilities for all players.
  • Increased Fragment Accessibility: Depending on community feedback and game balance considerations, the availability of Random Draw Summon Fragments through gameplay might increase, making it even easier for players to access these summons.


The introduction of Random Draw Summon Items in Infinity Kingdom marks a significant step towards a more inclusive and balanced gaming experience. This feature not only enhances the strategic depth of the game but also reaffirms the developers’ commitment to supporting a diverse player base. By effectively utilizing this new summon mechanism, players can significantly enhance their roster’s strength and take their gameplay to new heights. Whether you’re a veteran looking to expand your collection or a newer player aiming to strengthen your lineup, the Random Draw Summon Items offer a path to significant power and potential.

Published: 24-04-2024