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Hammurabi’s Ultimate: How does it scale damage booster?

There are many Ultimate Abilities in Infinity Kingdom, one that has a particular intricate mechanic behind it, is the Lightning Mage Hammurabi. Unlike many other Ultimate Abilities, the damage dealt by Hammurabi scales in both through Magical Damage modifiers, as well as the usual Crit (etc.) attribute modifiers. However, unlike any other mage in the game, Hammurabi further scales his damage based on the amount of negative effects stacked on your enemy.

The vague language and lack of explanation as to what “negative effects” count is the center of a player question I got recently. As such, for this guide we shall investigate an important question. What is a negative effect in this regard? What counts towards boosted damage?

General info on Hammurabi

Hammurabi is unlocked as you progress into Season 2 of your servers SvS seasonal phase. Once you hit Season 2, Hammurabi becomes available as a reward from completing your servers King of the Hill event. Furthermore, Hammurabi is available to purchase in the Pearl shop (daily shop). Hammurabi is an excellent Immortal and the only backline magic damage dealer within the realm of the Lightning element.

Which negative effects count towards increasing the damage of Hammurabi?

There are a lot of different classifications for skill types in this game. Furthermore, most of the time their application is inconsistent at best, misleading at worst. For instance, we have some skills that are marked Negative Effects, some as Debuffs, some as Damage over Time effects (DoT). But how precisely are these different? Well we know that they are all different from each other, but at the same time they are also all counted as negative effects in some regards! Wierd and hard to comprehend? Yeah.. me too!

Anyway, I was asked by our fellow player to investigate what precisely counts towards increasing Hammurabi’s damage. And the short answer I got from the official Infinity Kingdom team (employee) is: “Aura,grace,immortals skills all count towards increasing Hammurabi’s ultimate ability damage“.


What that means is, that ALL of the aura Tower of Knowledge skills count towards increasing the damage of Hammurabi’s Ultimate ability. Furthermore, since these effects are stackable, you obtain 60% (80% with unique artifact) bonus damage throughout the fight simply by setting up your build with four auras. Since auras cannot be despelled and have no duration timers, they are ALWAYS active and as such 100% uptime will be granted for a massive damage booster. I highly recommend aura’s for a Hammurabi lightning team.

Means auras that leave a negative effect. So Missleading, Malice, Weakness, Coercion, Paralysis work. Berserk and Shelter DOES NOT work.


For Graces / Blessings, this provides a lot of value for the grace skill Energy suppression.

Other ToK Skills

Furthermore, the Damage over Time skills from Toxic Nova, Fire Nova, Chaotic Blade and Garrotte all count towards increasing the damage of Hammurabi’s skill. Moreover, control effects such as Fighting Will roots, a stun from e.g. Richard or a silence effect from e.g. Attila also work. Though you should note that the relative short duration timers on control effect makes them very inconsistent for boosting Hammurabi’s damage.

Immortal Ultimate Abilities

In addition to control effects from e.g. Attila or Richard, we also have many other Immortals providing different negative effects which all count towards Hammurabi’s damage. Genghis Khan’s wounds count, Bathory’s DoT counts, YSG’s transfer, etc. basically every single skill that provides a little red marker on your enemy in the replay (hence a negative effect) works!

Seems EVERYTHING is working out well for Hammurabi. I know that I will be changing my lightning into a 4-stack aura setup with all four main DoTs as well as a team of Immortals to provide another negative effect themselves (Louis, Khan).

Published: 04-02-2023