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How to upgrade Immortal Portraits efficiently

Title: Maximizing Power: Efficient Immortal Portrait Upgrades in Infinity Kingdom

The latest update in Infinity Kingdom, patch 2.6.3, introduced an exciting new feature known as Immortal Portraits.

These captivating portraits play a pivotal role in enhancing your Immortal’s capabilities and boosting their combat prowess. Stardust, a versatile resource, serves as the key to unlocking the full potential of Immortal Portraits, and this guide will reveal how to make the most efficient use of it.

Unveiling Immortal Portraits: The Power of Stardust

With each Immortal Portrait level, which is achieved through Stardust upgrades, your Immortals receive potent buffs that significantly enhance their attributes and contribute to their overall effectiveness in battles. These upgrades are essential for taking your Immortals to the next level, and they are categorized into different types based on the Immortal’s role, such as attack, tank, ranged, mage, and support. While the specific attributes may vary, they all share a common tier structure for upgrades.

The upgrades begin with basic stat values for the initial levels, gradually building up to the significant tier rewards. The first major milestone is reached at level 10, where Immortals unlock a 5% boost in a specific attribute. However, the most impressive gains come with the final and highest tier upgrades that kick in at level 20.

These provide pure, substantial increases in output. For example, physical damage-dealing Immortals gain an extra 5% in physical damage, making it a game-changing boost.

The Value of Stardust: A Precious Resource

Efficiently utilizing your Stardust is crucial in your journey to enhance your Immortals. As the upgrade costs increase with each level, it’s essential to make wise choices. While level 18 might offer only minor attribute boosts at a relatively high Stardust cost, level 19 to 20 can be a game-changer.

For instance, the upgrade to 18 provides you 73.3 magical defense which relative to the roughly 4200 magical defense attribute value on my Alexander can only be called a minor boost at best.

Therefore, players should carefully strategize how they invest their Stardust to maximize their Immortals’ power.

The Ultimate Upgrade Path: Prioritization and Thresholds

To get the most out of your Immortal Portraits, it’s crucial to prioritize certain Immortals. Focus on your key Immortals first, those that are essential to your strategy, such as Alexander and Hannibal for hybrid builds or Merlin for water-themed teams (unless you’re running Himiko). These Immortals should be your top candidates for Immortal Portrait upgrades.

However, there’s an essential strategy to bear in mind. It’s highly recommended to prioritize upgrading a single Immortal to level 20 as quickly as possible before spreading your Stardust across multiple Immortals. The reason behind this approach is the critical threshold that unlocks at level 20, where you receive a significant 5% boost in a particular attribute, such as damage. This boost far outweighs the earlier, minor upgrades in terms of power and efficiency.

In practice, this means that players should first prioritize their primary Immortal, taking them to level 20 to unlock this substantial power boost. Then, gradually work on upgrading other Immortals. While you can opt to gain a few of the lower levels on other crucial Immortals, the focus should always be on reaching level 20 as swiftly as possible.

Conclusion: Master the Art of Immortal Portrait Upgrades

Efficiently upgrading Immortal Portraits with Stardust is a pivotal aspect of maximizing your Immortals’ combat potential in Infinity Kingdom. Prioritizing key Immortals and reaching level 20 as soon as possible is the most efficient way to boost your team’s strength. With this strategic approach, you’ll have a formidable edge in battles and unleash the full potential of your Immortals. So, embark on your journey, harness the power of Stardust, and dominate the battlefield like never before!

Published: 01-11-2023