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Immortal Levels EXP requirements

The release of patch 2.6 has ushered in a thrilling challenge for players with the increase in Immortal level cap from 50 to 55. As the level cap expands, players face the daunting task of obtaining more experience points (EXP) to propel their Immortals to the pinnacle of power. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the actual EXP requirements for levels 1 to 55, equipping you with valuable insights to navigate this epic journey.

Experience points (EXP) are the lifeblood of a character’s growth in our cherished game. Accumulating EXP allows Immortals to level up, unlocking new abilities and augmenting their combat capabilities. Each level presents a greater challenge, demanding a progressively higher amount of EXP to reach the next stage of mastery.

The Expansive Ascent: Levels 1 to 55:

As players progress from level 1 to 55, the EXP requirements escalate significantly. It is essential to be prepared for the increasing amount of EXP needed to attain these higher levels. Below is a breakdown of the EXP requirements for each Immortal level:

Immortal level up EXP required

LevelAmount of XP for level
Lvl 210
Lvl 320
Lvl 480
Lvl 5130
Lvl 6210
Lvl 7310
Lvl 8440
Lvl 9610
Lvl 10830
Lvl 111,100
Lvl 122,700
Lvl 133,500
Lvl 144,500
Lvl 155,700
Lvl 1611,000
Lvl 1714,000
Lvl 1817,000
Lvl 1921,000
Lvl 2026,000
Lvl 2132,000
Lvl 2298,000
Lvl 23120,000
Lvl 24150,000
Lvl 25190,000
Lvl 26240,000
Lvl 27290,000
Lvl 28360,000
Lvl 29450,000
Lvl 30550,000
Lvl 31680,000
Lvl 32920,000
Lvl 331,100,000
Lvl 341,400,000
Lvl 351,700,000
Lvl 362,000,000
Lvl 372,500,000
Lvl 383,000,000
Lvl 393,600,000
Lvl 404,400,000
Lvl 415,300,000
Lvl 427,120,000
Lvl 437,490,000
Lvl 447,880,000
Lvl 458,270,000
Lvl 468,680,000
Lvl 479,100,000
Lvl 489,520,000
Lvl 499,960,000
Lvl 5010,400,000
Lvl 5110,900,000
Lvl 5211,700,000
Lvl 5312,300,000
Lvl 5412,900,000
Lvl 5513,400,000

Navigating the Experiential Journey: Progressing from levels 1 to 55 demands dedication and perseverance. Engage in quests, challenges, and activities that yield substantial EXP rewards to expedite your ascent to higher levels.

Embark on the epic journey of Immortal leveling, armed with the knowledge of EXP requirements from levels 1 to 55. As you tread through each stage, may your Immortal continue to grow in strength and wisdom. May this guide aid you in reaching the summit of level 55 and beyond, where greatness awaits! Happy leveling!

Published: 30-07-2023