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Magic-Merlin Madness

Infinity Kingdom recently added a new mini-game, Battle Chess, which offers a refreshing chess-like format that features familiar Immortals and spells. Since the game mode is still in its early stages, the meta is yet to settle. However, we have found an extremely strong and fun build that has been delivering excellent results.

The build


In this build, we have selected five Immortals, each with unique abilities to offer. The first is Merlin, whose magical proc-damage ability can deal massive damage to opponents. Every time we spend 2 arcane cards, we can proc his skill and deal 50 x 5 damage.

The second Immortal is Lancelot, who is a cost-effective meat-shield that can soak up damage and win 1:1 against weaker solo Immortals.

The third Immortal is Amanitore, whose ability is to reduce the cost of arcane cards by 1 on every cast. This makes it possible for us to spam all our spells instantly and infinitely once we get a couple of her on the field.

The fourth Immortal, Moctezuma I, is an essential part of this build. He provides extra Energy Marks, but at the cost of his own HP. Nevertheless, we can heal him, keeping him alive for a long time and getting a ton of free Energy Marks.

The fifth and final Immortal is Zenobia, who has excellent healing abilities. We can spawn a couple of her to keep our Monte’s at higher levels at the cost of her own HP. This mechanic helps us level out the health loss across multiple Immortals, making it easier to keep everyone alive using a healing spell card.


Our arcane spell cards consist of four options that serve different purposes. Blizzard is an excellent skill that deals 180 damage in a large area of effect, making it suitable for clearing out weaker immortals and dealing with summoners like Edward and Cleo.

Tsunami is another spell that deals 100 damage but only costs two Energy Marks, making it a suitable spell for getting initial Merlin procs and add-clear ability. It also kills YSG Immortals and the pets of Cleo and Edward, which many players are currently using.

Healing Wave is a crucial spell that can heal every Immortal in a large area of effect, costing only 3 Energy Marks. This means we can place Healing Wave on top of our army of Monte’s and Zeno’s, keeping all of them alive.

The final spell in our build is Blast, which deals 100 damage in a small area of effect and applies a damage over time effect (DoT Burn) that causes an additional 50 damage per second for three seconds, making it a total of 250 damage. Although Blast is an expensive spell, that’s not a problem for us because we have an army of Monte’s and Amanitore’s, enabling us to spam Blast at no cost.


The core gameplay strategy behind this build is to get an exponential growth in Energy Mark income, which, in turn, is used to spam spells, proccing Merlin’s ability to deal massive damage. The weakness of this build is that if you’re up against someone with a lot of clear spells, you may have to spread out further to avoid losing your army of Monte’s and Amanitore’s.

Looking ahead, we plan to swap out Zenobia with Dido to further boost the damage output of Merlin’s ability. This will mean we will need to stay more on top of healing our Monte’s ourselves, but we believe that with the right timing, this build could become even more potent. In conclusion, Battle Chess is an exciting and refreshing addition to Infinity Kingdom, and with the right build, it can be a fun and rewarding experience.

Published: 31-03-2023