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Roar of Thunder w. El Cid

Infinity Kingdom Battle Chess Guide: Monctezuma’s Energy Regen Combo

Welcome to the world of Battle Chess in Infinity Kingdom, where strategy, tactics, and the right card combinations can lead you to victory. This is what I am personally using to fight in season 12 of the Battle Chess League.

In this guide, we’ll explore a unique and powerful deck build centered around an energy regen combo featuring the formidable Monctezuma, a key piece in a winning strategy.

Deck Overview:

  • Monctezuma: The energy regen powerhouse that fuels your strategy.
  • Attila: A versatile card to counter backliners strategically.
  • El Cid: A tanky card with counter-attack potential.
  • Cleopatra: A high-damage card capable of spawning numerous units.
  • Dido: A slowing card that complements the steady strategy.

Spell Cards:

  • Heal: Sustain your Monctezuma and keep the energy regen going.
  • Blizzard: A situational card to clear annoying units.
  • Blast: Fire AoE spell to clear slightly bigger units than blizzard and their adds.
  • Call of Thunder: Your key to countering unit spam strategies. Excellent skill to wipe the board when you have all enemies below the threshold.

Deck Strategy:

The core of this strategy revolves around Monctezuma’s exceptional energy regeneration capability. Here’s how to play it:

  1. Priority on Monctezuma: Whenever you have an opportunity to summon Monctezuma, seize it. Monctezuma’s energy regeneration gets you ahead in the energy game, and having multiple Monctezumas on the field is your ticket to success.
  2. Utilize Attila Strategically: Attila is a valuable card, especially against opponents who place smaller cards in the backlines for safety. Attila’s ability to target the backliners directly is powerful, and you should use it strategically to counter these smaller, vulnerable cards.
  3. Deploy El Cid for Counter-Attacks: El Cid is a key card in this deck due to his high HP, decent damage, and the ability to apply counter-attack to three friendly units. This ensures that you can reflect a substantial amount of damage back at the attacker, making it a strong choice against various opponent builds, including both swarm strategies and single-card heavy hitters. Moreover, El Cid plays an important role in countering enemy Lightning Call of Thunder spell cards. He natively has a high HP of 500 which makes him a good tank for Call of Thunder to disable it from continuing through all your units. Keeping a healthy Cid will enable you to interrupt Call of Thunders ability to wipe the board.
  4. Unleash Cleopatra’s Snakes: Cleopatra deals significant damage and has the potential to spawn numerous small snakes on the map. Left unchecked, she can quickly devastate the enemy tower. Keep her on the field to create a swarm of dangerous snakes. Make sure to deploy her in a way that enemies will struggle to AoE kill both her and her snakes.
  5. Slow Down with Dido: While Dido may be considered the weakest card in this build, her ability to slow down enemy attacks can be beneficial. It helps slow the game’s pace, allowing you to build up energy and execute your strategy methodically.

Spell Cards:

  1. Heal: Use the Heal card on Monctezuma when he’s low on HP to get a full 300 healing, effectively spending 2 energy to keep him healthy and regenerating more energy for you. This slow and steady energy regen keeps you ahead in the game.
  2. Blizzard & Blast: These spell cards are situational. Use it to clear troublesome units like Attila or when many low-health enemy units are grouped together. It can be a powerful counter against certain threats. The main difference between the two is the speed at which damage is dealt. To quickly clear an enemy Attila or Monctezuma, use Blizzard, otherwise Blast will do the job as well if you are killing units with add spawns.
  3. Call of Thunder: This spell is your counter to unit spam strategies. It can quickly clear the map, forcing your opponents to have higher HP immortals on the field, which aligns with your strategy, as they’ll still take damage from your Cid’s counter-attacks.

To see how I play this Deck, checkout the video below.

In-Game Tips:

  • Prioritize summoning Monctezuma whenever possible.
  • Keep an eye out for opportunities to deploy Attila strategically.
  • Ensure El Cid, Cleopatra, and Dido are on the field.
  • Use Heal to sustain Monctezuma and maintain energy regen. Make sure to deploy Monctezuma so that your heal benefits other units or your king. Beware that if the enemy relies on spell cards to clear your units in AoE you may want to reserve heal just for Monctezume to avoid setting up enemy AoE wipes.
  • Consider Blizzard to clear enemy threats if needed.
  • Save Call of Thunder for countering unit spam strategies.

This Battle Chess deck provides a unique and steady approach to victory, combining energy regen with powerful unit combinations. Master the strategy, adapt to your opponents, and watch as your forces rise to the top of the chessboard in Infinity Kingdom. Good luck and may your moves be strategic and victorious!

Published: 16-05-2024