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Basic Information

Battle Chess is a unique and exciting feature available in the popular mobile strategy game Infinity Kingdom. Combining the strategic gameplay of chess with thrilling action, Battle Chess offers an engaging and challenging experience for players of all skill levels.

To start playing Battle Chess, players must first understand the basic rules. Each player has one King and nine other pieces that can be recycled. The objective of the game is to defeat the other player’s King to achieve victory. There are three types of pieces in Battle Chess: King, Immortal, and Arcane Card. Each piece has its own unique abilities and requirements to use.

The King is the most important piece on the board and has HP. Each side will generate a King at the beginning of the game, and the King will continuously generate Stamina Points. The King can use Stamina Points to move within its side. Immortal pieces also have HP and require Energy Marks to use. Immortal pieces will automatically attack enemy pieces and cast skills. Immortal pieces have their own conduct (normal, fixed point, follow, patrol, charge, etc.), passive skills, and energy skills. The Arcane Card has no HP and requires Energy Marks to use. Players can move it to any position to use it to cast a King’s skill, producing various effects.


Players can participate in various modes of Battle Chess, including the recently introduced Entertainment Mode. In Entertainment Mode, players can be auto-matched with opponents or invite friends from their alliance to play with.

How it works

Before a game starts, players must select nine pieces from the Immortal and Arcane decks. Energy Marks are required to use these pieces, which will automatically generate once the game starts. Chess pieces will randomly be sorted into the battle zone or the waiting zone, and players can use Energy Marks to put pieces into the battle zone. After a piece is defeated, it will be sent to the waiting zone.

Speed-up Mode will be activated two minutes after a game begins, where the Kings of both sides will begin to lose HP, and the rate of Energy Mark generation will increase. The game will end when the HP of a King reaches zero. The King who survives is the winner.

How to begin

To access Battle Chess, players must tap on the Well of Time icon at the lower right of the main page, where they will be able to find Battle Chess listed. Players must also meet certain participation requirements, including completing “Royal Ambition” in the Chronicle and being at least level 11.

Overall, Battle Chess is an exciting and challenging feature that offers a unique way to experience the classic game of chess. With various modes and participation requirements, players are sure to find themselves coming back for more. So, if you are a fan of chess and strategy games, Battle Chess is definitely worth trying out in Infinity Kingdom.

Published: 04-04-2023