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Players Encountered Issues When Choosing William’s Unique Artifact Fragments

Infinity Kingdoms, a popular mobile strategy game, recently faced a bug in its Mysterium event’s unique artifact selection chests, leaving some players puzzled and concerned. The bug, which mistakenly granted players an extra, random fragment when selecting William’s Unique Artifact Fragments, has now been addressed and rectified.

The Mysterium event in Infinity Kingdoms introduced an enticing feature in the form of unique artifact selection chests. These chests allowed players to choose specific artifact fragments, but an unexpected bug surfaced during the event, causing frustration for some.

The bug was particularly apparent when players opted for William’s Unique Artifact Fragments from the selection chest. Instead of receiving only William’s fragments, an additional random fragment was mistakenly granted. Understandably, this caused confusion and concern among players who had carefully planned their artifact collections.

The issue did not go unnoticed by the Infinity Kingdoms community. Players promptly reported the bug to both the development team and the support team, hoping for a swift resolution. Their vigilance paid off, as the game’s developers acted promptly to rectify the problem.

Infinity Kingdom and players impacted have confirmed that the bug affecting the unique artifact selection chests from the Mysterium event has now been fixed, and the chests are functioning as originally intended. Players who may have experienced this issue are encouraged to contact Infinity Kingdom support via Discord for assistance and resolution.

The prompt response and resolution of this bug demonstrate Infinity Kingdoms’ commitment to maintaining a smooth and enjoyable gaming experience for its dedicated player base. The Mysterium event continues to provide players with exciting opportunities to enhance their gameplay and expand their artifact collections.

Infinity Kingdoms encourages its players to remain engaged and vigilant, reporting any issues they encounter to ensure that the game remains a source of entertainment and satisfaction for all.

For more information or assistance with any game-related issues, players are urged to reach out to Infinity Kingdom support via Discord.

Published: 19-09-2023

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