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Infinity Kingdom’s Illusion Battlefield Prime League: Season 4 Playoffs Builds Guide

Hey fellow Infinity Kingdom enthusiasts! I’m here to share some insights into the first round of the Prime League playoffs for Season 4. We’ve seen a variety of strategies, but I’ll focus on three particular builds that caught my eye. Remember, the meta is ever-evolving; use these builds as a starting point to innovate and adapt for the rounds ahead.

The first round of the Prime League playoffs for Season 4 has showcased a variety of setups. I’ve observed water setups, multiple fire setups (Cyrus + Seondeok, Wu + Khan), as well as earth builds. In this guide, we’ll examine three builds that have shown promising performance in the first round.

Players should note, however, that these builds might not remain effective throughout the entire season, as everyone is continuously improving and countering them. Therefore, this guide should serve as inspiration and a foundational baseline, which players can use to experiment and develop further. Consider it as the groundwork for your next meta build as you theorize and test builds in Round 2. Think of this guide as my way of gauging the effectiveness of the different elemental combinations we’ve seen, making educated guesses about what’s working currently, and identifying which builds have the potential to be refined further, possibly becoming the best build of the season.

Remember, these builds are a snapshot of the current meta. Keep experimenting and adapting to stay ahead of the curve. Let’s make the most of these strategies and see how the season unfolds. Happy battling!

Published: 02-02-2024

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