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The mystical lands of Norheim, known for their diverse and intricate landscapes, are about to become even more thrilling with the latest update to Infinity Kingdom. Players can look forward to a brand new casual idle gameplay mode, an additional troop unit for strategic depth, and enhanced features to improve the gaming experience.

What’s New in the Update?

Harbor Exploration: A New Adventure Awaits

The new Harbor Exploration feature introduces a casual idle gameplay option, providing Lords with a chance to enjoy maritime adventures without the intensity of battlefield conflicts. Players can now dispatch their idle Immortals on voyages to explore the abundant waters surrounding the inner city ports, nestled within majestic mountains.

Key Features of Harbor Exploration:

  • Dispatch Immortals: Utilize Immortals who are not currently on a march to set sail and gather rewards.
  • Earnings and Upgrades: Collect resources, gold, speedup items, and Immortal fragments. Upgrading your merchant ship enhances exploration capabilities and increases the number of Immortals you can dispatch.
  • Weekly Refreshes: The list of designated Immortals refreshes weekly, offering bonuses for using specific characters.

Expanded Battle Units

The introduction of a fourth unit slot across various game modes, including the Arena, Time Rift Breaker, and Throne of the Supreme, marks a significant expansion of strategic possibilities. This update allows players to deepen their tactical approach with an additional unit, immediately accessible in the Arena and Time Rift Breaker upon meeting certain conditions.

Enhanced Battle Insights

Understanding the dynamics of battle is crucial, and the new update makes it easier than ever. Players can now tap on the battle buff icon during fights to view all active buffs and debuffs affecting both allies and enemies, with detailed explanations for each one.

Simplified Reward Selection

The update revolutionizes how rewards are claimed from events like Lucky Spin and Theia’s Roulette by removing the refresh feature and introducing a grand reward selection. This change aims to streamline the process and enhance player satisfaction with their rewards.

Optimizations and Adjustments

The update isn’t just about new features; it also includes several optimizations:

  • Chronicle Season Adjustment: For servers launched after April 20th, the preparation season has been shortened, and the matches for Contention of Relics have been reduced.
  • VIP Shop Additions: Dark Dragon Soul Crystals are now available in the VIP Shop.
  • Reward Overhauls: Updates to Lucky Spin rewards and adjustments in The Golden Path reflect the evolving needs and preferences of the players.
  • Improved Ranking Displays and Alliance Management: Enhancements to the server ranking displays and alliance member information interfaces will aid in managing alliances and understanding player standings.

This update promises to enrich the Infinity Kingdom experience with both fun new gameplay options and practical enhancements to existing features. Whether you’re setting sail in Harbor Exploration, strategizing with an additional troop unit, or enjoying the streamlined reward system, these changes are designed to enhance your journey through Norheim. Stay tuned for more detailed guides on each new feature once the patch goes live, helping you to navigate and maximize these exciting additions.

See the official patch notes here.

Published: 12-04-2024

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