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Everyone! Thank you for your patience and appologies for the delay this round! First things first, we have the WINNER ANNOUCEMENT of ROUND 2 of the cross-server spider competition! Please give a big applause for some amazing hits, my god you guys are getting some big numbers pumping!!

I am thrilled to announce the winners of Round 2 of the Cross-Server Spider Competition! This event showcased unparalleled skill, determination, and teamwork, and we applaud all participants for their outstanding performance. Without further ado, let us reveal the victorious champions who have secured their positions in the top ranks.

Congratulations to the top 3 winners of the Cross-Server Spider Competition

🥇 Our new champion of spider killing in 1st Place earning the full 2000 gem reward, it is Chama – Server 48 – Damage: 6.59%

🥈 In 2nd Place earning 1200 gems is MaKc – Server 52 – Damage: 5.92%

🥉 3rd Place and earning 800 gems we have Bunny – Server 56 – Damage: 5.85%

Your exceptional performance has earned you well-deserved recognition and admiration. As always the top three earns:
1st Place: 2000 gems
2nd Place: 1200 gems
3rd Place: 800 gems

Additionally, we would like to acknowledge the remarkable achievements of the following players:

4th-10th Place: 500 gems each
Arthur_Leywn – Server Number: 46 – Damage: 5.31
Heavystyle – Server Number: 121 – Damage: 5.16
Saiven – Server Number: 105 – Damage: 4.45
Lukas. – Server Number: 121 – Damage: 4.40
HolybRuNu – Server Number: 38 – Damage: 3.76
Tea – Server Number: 121 – Damage: 2.69
King Orca – Server Number: 93 – Damage: 2.55

11th-20th Place: 300 gems each
Cyrus – Server Number: 219 – Damage: 2.52
ray14324 – Server Number: 57 – Damage: 2.49
OhMyMurphy – Server Number: 73 – Damage: 2.43
GRIMMJOW – Server Number: 73 – Damage: 2.32
Krul Tepes – Server Number: 56 – Damage: 2.32
grand lizard – Server Number: 93 – Damage: 2.31
Kryph – Server Number: 222 – Damage: 2.27
Fictions – Server Number: 73 – Damage: 2.26
Pyakia – Server Number: 49 – Damage: 2.23
UNKNOWN – Server Number: 73 – Damage: 2.22

Once again, we extend our warmest congratulations to the winners and our deepest gratitude to all participants. Your dedication and passion have made this competition a resounding success. Stay tuned for more exciting events and challenges in the future!

Congratulations once again to all the winners for their exceptional performance in the Cross-Server Spider Competition!
Stay tuned for an important annoucement and round 3 very soon!

Published: 12-06-2023

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