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Introduction The latest update, Patch 2.6.9, brings significant improvements and new features to Infinity Kingdom. This update aims to enhance the gaming experience with several highly requested optimizations and new functionalities.

New Features

  1. Titantula Challenge Level Increase: Players can now challenge Titantula up to level 120.
    • This change provides high-level players with more challenging content and better rewards, encouraging continued engagement. This is a chance many of us players have been looking forward to for a long time. It is excellent change and will hopefully make the spider bosses last more then a few seconds on end-game servers.
  2. Auto-Copy Illusion Battlefield Registration: The system will now automatically select primary forces and substitutes from the previous registration for easier sign-ups.
    • This feature streamlines the registration process, saving time and ensuring consistency in team compositions. Nice quality of life for management!
  3. Alliance Members List Batch Configuration: Alliance R6 and R5 members can batch set ranks for alliance members.
    • This simplifies the management of alliances, allowing leaders to efficiently organize and rank members, improving alliance coordination.
  4. Lord’s AP and SP Limit Increase: SP limit increased by 100 points; AP limit increased by 500 points, with an additional available limit increase of 1000 points.
    • These increases enable players to engage in more activities without waiting for energy to replenish, enhancing gameplay continuity and competitiveness. This is something that many people may underestimate the effects of. I think it will be a very very good change for most players, because many are wasting potential AP points that could have been collected when we are not online for many hours during a busy day in real life. This is very good and something that will overall increase the amount of AP players are able to spend. Moreover, we can bank more meaning we can setup for large scale fights in Legion of Frostborne more easily without relying on constantly opening the AP panel to add more bottles.


  1. Free Lord Talent Page Switching: Switching no longer costs gems.
    • Players can now experiment with different talent builds without financial constraints, promoting strategic diversity. Saving 200 gems and being able to swap between our talents freely during the day? Excellent!
  2. Alliance Contribution Rankings for Contention of Relics: Energy Nodes now contribute to rankings.
    • This change rewards more active alliance members, encouraging greater participation in alliance activities and more importantly an slightly more accurate rankings for management to reward off of.
  3. Harbor Exploration Interface Improvements: Displays Merchant Ship EXP, adjusts Immortals Dispatch List sorting, and optimizes reward claiming.
    • These improvements make managing and claiming exploration rewards more straightforward, enhancing user experience.
  4. Mercantile Path Rewards Interface: Enhanced reward and rankings interface.
    • A clearer interface helps players track progress and rewards more easily, making it more motivating to participate in Mercantile Path events.

Balance Adjustments

  1. Dark Dragon Talents:
    • Silhouette: [Dark Breath] true damage increased.
    • Abyss: Increased damage taken by targets with Mental Decay.
    • Corrupt: [Eclipse] now silences enemy front-row targets longer.

These buffs make the Dark Dragon more formidable in combat, potentially shifting battle strategies and meta-game considerations. I am very keen to see the change to the current meta, and I fully expect new end-game builds centering more around shadow-chaos than holy-chaos in the future.

2. Preparation Season City Garrisons: Difficulty for Lv.8 and Lv.9 city garrisons decreased.

  • Easier garrisons make these cities more accessible to alliances, encouraging more dynamic territorial battles and strategic planning.

For detailed patch notes and further updates, visit the official patch notes page.

Published: 16-05-2024

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