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New video: Pirate Festival 2023

The Pirate Festival, an annual seasonal event, has set sail once again, bringing with it

Battlegroup 111’s Legion of Frostborne:

A Tale of Dominance in Eight-Servers War In the fiercely contested arena of Battlegroup 111’s

Infinity Kingdoms Addresses Bug in Unique Art

Players Encountered Issues When Choosing William’s Unique Artifact Fragments Infinity Kingdoms, a popular mobile strategy

Patch 2.6.2: New Immortal, New Event, Solid I

nfinity Kingdom, a beloved strategy game, is gearing up to introduce thrilling new features and

Infernal Event Gold Farming

The calendar event Infernal Assault can for some players be the single best method of

Poseidon Rises: New Water Immortal Makes a Sp

Infinity Kingdom players, brace yourselves for a tidal wave of excitement as a new water

Killing Bosses with no losses

Guide to Efficiently Killing Max Level Bosses in Infinity Kingdom In Infinity Kingdom, conquering max

The Norheim Return Event Guide

Welcome back to the magical world of Infinity Kingdom! The Norheim Return event is here

Earth Himiko for a magical 2.6.6

This guide is part of my article series on earth builds. If this build is

Realm of Blaze Video

Infinity Kingdom has a ton of cool city skins. You get skins from purchases during

New Immortals in King of the Hill!

🏰 Conquer the Summit: New Immortals Ascend in King of the Hill! ⛰️ Hail, valiant

πŸ“£ Exciting News Update VIP store news Infi

Attention, fellow rulers of the realm! The latest buzz on the enchanted scrolls of social

πŸ“£ New Update Alert: Introducing Auto Garri

Greetings, brave lords and ladies of Infinity Kingdom! We’re thrilled to announce an exciting new

How to train your dragon (Leveling up costs)

Upgrading your dragon is the most expensive action in the game but also one of

🌟 Introducing Infinity Kingdom Server Rank

Dear fearless adventurers of Infinity Kingdom, The winds of change are upon us as we

Spider Competition with Round 4!

Attention adventurers of Norheim, the cross-server spider competition has returned! We’re delighted to unveil the


The release of patch 2.6 has ushered in a thrilling challenge for players with the

Lost Dimention TOK skill – Is it broken

Decoding the Tower of Knowledge: Unraveling the “Lost Dimension” Skill In the latest patch 2.6,


Unleashing the Power: Exploring the Troop Tier 8 Upgrade in Infinity Kingdom The ever-evolving world

Water F2P counter to earth

Unveiling the Unconventional: A Remarkably Effective Water Build in Infinity Kingdom In the vast realm

UPDATE 2.6 – BUILDING COSTS 50-54(55)!

Introducing the Comprehensive Building Costs Table: Unveiling the Secrets of Infinity Kingdom 2.6! Prepare to


Title: Unleashing the Power of Infinity Kingdom 2.6: Castle Level 55 and Beyond! Calling all

What to do with the new update? Aether RSS. N

Welcome to the Infinity Kingdom Wiki! This short guide will provide you with the essential


Welcome to the Infinity Kingdom Wiki! This short guide will provide you with the essential

πŸ“’ PRE-UPDATE GUIDE: Catch-Up Buff and Upco

Attention, brave players of Infinity Kingdom! We have an exciting announcement for you regarding an

Summer Festival 2023

Ladies and gentlemen! Get your sunglasses on, fill your drinks because it is time! Sun’s

πŸ”₯2.6 UPDATE: Was Castle lvl 60 just confir

πŸ”₯ Exciting News Alert: Infinity Kingdom Update 2.6 Arriving Soon! πŸ”₯ Attention, brave conquerors of

Update Announcement: Equipment Enhancement Un

Update Announcement: Equipment Enhancement Unveiled for Immortals! Dear Lords and Ladies of Norheim, We come

Unveiling the Enigma: Speculating the Potenti

Recently, a captivating announcement surfaced on the official Facebook page of Infinity Kingdom, shedding light

Update is coming! What do we think?

πŸ“’ Attention, Fellow Lords and Ladies of Norheim! Let’s Speculate on the Exciting New Update!

Mountain Barrier Castle Skin, Troop skin 

Infinity Kingdom has a ton of cool city skins. You get skins from purchases during


Witness the awe-inspiring might and unwavering wisdom of Immortal Athena, the newest addition to the

WINNERS of ROUND 2 of the cross-server spider

Everyone! Thank you for your patience and appologies for the delay this round! First things

ANNOUNCEMENT: Round 3 cross-server spider com

Attention, brave adventurers of the cross-server realm! We are thrilled to announce the highly anticipated

New Artifacts for Immortals Released in Infin

Infinity Kingdom, the immersive strategy game, has introduced a thrilling update that unveils a range

Children’s Day Seasonal Event – P

It is the joyest time of the year where the Children play and in Norheim

3x top tier fire setups for IB Prime Pre-Leag

In this video I am going over three of the best Fire teams for the

Unveiling New Immortals? A Glimpse into the F

In the vast realm of mobile strategy games, Infinity Kingdom has captivated players with its

ANNONCEMENT: Round two of cross-server-spider

Attention, brave warriors of Infinity Kingdom! The exhilarating success of the first round of the

Winners of round 1 Cross-Server-Spider-Compet

The highly anticipated Cross Server Spider Competition in Infinity Kingdom has come to a thrilling


As always you get my videos here first! I am super excited for Castle level

Brace for the Race to Castle Level 60: Update

Excitement is in the air as a monumental update has just hit Infinity Kingdom, setting

Best fire build ever? F2P friendly Fire Main!

Prepare to be amazed as we unveil the ultimate fire build that has taken the

Alliance growth technology – a tier lis

As always I want to bring content here befire on youtube for all you IK

Cross server spider event begins today!

The wait is over, Infinity Kingdom players! The most exciting event of the year is

New Immortal: Tutankhamun (shadow)

Infinity Kingdom has just released a new shadow element Immortal figure, Tutankhamun, with an ultimate

Community – stay updated with latest active

As a player of Infinity Kingdom, you know that every little advantage helps when it

Easter Original Event – Rewards review

The Original Festival has begun! From the 16th to the 21st of April players are

WIN GEMS in the new CROSS SERVER spider boss

May 1st through may 14th we have a brand new event taking place. We are

Easter Festival 16th – 21st April!

The Original Festival is an exciting event that takes place from April 16th to April

NEW VIDEO: Battle Chess Build – Merlin

The core gameplay strategy behind this build is to get an exponential growth in Energy

New Video: Pre-released only here! Alliance W

Hey guys, latest news from me Myrahk! The latest video is all about Alliance War

Expectations for GoddessesFestival 2023!

Hey guys, latest news from Myrahk – we are about to begin the Goddesses Festival

Goddesses Festival will begin on March 21st a

The Goddesses Festival will begin on March 21st and last until March 26th (the event

5.47% Spider hits!! New King of Boss-killing

Hey guys, latest news from Myrahk – we have a new King of Bosses! Last

CHAOS in Infinity Kingdom! Ladies and gentlem

CHAOS in Infinity Kingdom! Ladies and gentlemen, we have a new element coming to Norheim:

Halloween guide as video! GET GIFT CODES and

Halloween guide as video! GET GIFT CODES and much much more! Published: 01-11-2022

New Immortal Tokugawa (Lightning)

Published: 15-10-2022

I found old Gift codes that has not expired!

I found old Gift codes that has not expired! Newer players, enjoy! Hey guys, I

All the summer codes – you miss any?

I am going to try something new here and see how the readership numbers are


Do you wonder what to expect from SvS reward boxes? Here is what 250k gems

Youth festival is here: How to get free gifts

Youth festival is here: How to get free gifts! In the lands of Norheim the


Get ready everyone! We are about to have another chance at the absolute best skin


Let the testing begin! As you probably have seen, devs released patch notes for 2.1

First take on patch 1.9

Let’s have a first look at the patch notes for 1.9 2x new Immortals New

Most efficient way to max Holy / Shadow

Do you want to max out one or more Holy or Shadow Immortals? Then you

New Immortal Released: Muhammad II aka Mehmet

Muhammad II aka Mehmet II Infinity Kingdom have a new Immortal taking the field. Muhammad

UPDATED: Gnomes elements 40-50 & Drop Ch

I have passed 1100 gnome camps recorded now and I have found out all the

History Channel – Genghis Khan

Infinity Kingdom History Channel presents this weeks Immortal in the spotlight: Genghis Khan! applause From

History Channel – Merlin the Legendary

Watch the history behind Infinity Kingdoms Immortal Merlin.

History Channel – Charles the Great


*** QUESTIONS ABOUT 1.8? ***

〓Patch 1.8 FAQ〓 Dear Lords, we’ve received a lot of feedback after the 1.8 update.

**Attila change** **NEW CONTENT** READ Patch

Patch 1.8 Notes ** IMPORTANT CHANGES INCLUDE ** Release of T6 and T7. New passives!

UPDATE: New rules in SVS – Frozen zone

CHANGES – Infinity Kingdom’s Frostborne – Server versus Server With the coming release of season