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Conquering Vampirism: A Comprehensive Player Guide

In this guide, we will examine the Rift Breaker Boss named Vampirism, exploring his abilities and strategies for achieving the most significant hits possible. In our previous guides, we delved into Venom and Amplify – two bosses that are complete opposites.

With Vampirism, we encounter a unique boss that balances continuous damage and high burst damage, without being immune to control but not particularly weak to it either. Unfortunately, defeating this boss requires a considerable investment in pay-to-play skills and setups, along with very high power to outscale the damage output.

  • The best defenses against Vampirism include:
    • Charles, the Earth tank Immortal, due to powerful shields.
    • Life-Link + Absolute Defense on your tank.
    • Resist, a powerful effect against Magical Damage.

Note that dodge rate and attack speed reductions are almost worthless for this boss. Additionally, Hippolytta is ineffective for Vampirism, as her ability to remove energy is useless against this boss.

Published: 03-12-2023

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