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Decoding the Tower of Knowledge: Unraveling the “Lost Dimension” Skill

In the latest patch 2.6, an intriguing and highly debated passive skill was introduced to the Tower of Knowledge in our favorite game. “Lost Dimension” has stirred up discussions among players, with many claiming it to be broken. The skill’s description reads, “there is a 15% chance to inflict a confused state on a random enemy unit.” However, a closer examination of the wording suggests that there might be a misunderstanding regarding the skill’s actual effect. In this article, we will delve into the mechanics of “Lost Dimension” and shed light on why it might not be as overpowered as some players believe.

Understanding the Description:

The crux of the confusion lies in the phrasing of “Lost Dimension.” The skill’s description states that there is a 15% chance to inflict a “confused state” on an enemy unit. Many players have misinterpreted this as a direct application of the Confuse status effect on the enemy, which seems reasonable at first glance. However, upon closer examination, we notice a distinction between a skill description and a status effect definition.

Skill Description vs. Status Effect:

In role-playing games, skill descriptions aim to provide a thematic understanding of the ability rather than a direct technical definition of the status effect it causes. This can sometimes lead to confusion, as players may associate similar terms with specific status effects, assuming that the two are interchangeable.

For instance, consider the skill of a character like Loki, whose ability reads, “cause Confuse.” In this case, “Confuse” is capitalized and directly referred to as a status effect. This indicates that the skill indeed applies the Confuse status effect to the target.

On the other hand, “Lost Dimension” mentions “confused state,” which does not receive the same capitalization and clear indication of a status effect. This subtle difference suggests that “confused state” might not be synonymous with the Confuse status effect.

Another indication of this is just the basic logic of this skill. Why would you want a Confused enemy to have low energy regen and hit rate? That would be terrible seeing as Confused (the status effect debuff) in fact makes enemies hit their own team. This makes no sense and adds to my belief that we are experiancing an example of very unfortunate wording to describe a non-game impacting feature of a skill.


In conclusion, “Lost Dimension” is a skill that has caused significant debate among players due to its description. Understanding the difference between a skill description and a status effect definition is crucial to grasping its true mechanics. The skill’s ability to induce a “confused state” rather than directly applying the Confuse status effect adds an element of chance and unpredictability to battles, making it an intriguing addition to the Tower of Knowledge. As players continue to explore and master this skill, a deeper appreciation for its nuances and potential strategic uses may arise. So, venture forth with an open mind and experiment with “Lost Dimension” to harness its full potential on the battlefield. Happy gaming!

Published: 27-07-2023

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