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Legion of Frostborne Battlegroup 135: A Clash of Titans

In the icy realms of the gnomes, a fierce battle is about to unfold as servers 88, 45, 74, 71, 105, 85, 56, and 109 clash in the Legion of Frostborne Battlegroup 135. The gates have swung open, and the frozen lands of Ymir await the warriors who will vie for supremacy in a contest that is expected to last for a grueling 40-45 days.

The Alliances Formed

Among the contenders, a fascinating alliance dynamic has emerged. While some smaller servers may seem overshadowed, they have rallied together to support server 56. Servers 45, 74, 71, 85, and 109 have united their forces, creating a formidable coalition determined to tip the scales in favor of server 56. On the opposing side, the formidable server 105 stands strong, reinforced by the support of server 88.

The Main Event: Server 105 vs. Server 56

The spotlight is undeniably on the clash between server 105 and server 56. Let’s break down the power dynamics and strategic nuances of these two juggernauts.

Combat Power Standings

In terms of sheer might, server 56 boasts a roster of powerful players, including Arahant, NightKing, Mentalhelp, CutiePatooti, and Bunny in their top 5. Server 105, however, does not fall short with its own lineup of whales: Elboran, Butterfly, 피해가셔요, 함께해요, and Besy in their top 5. While server 56 seems to have the upper hand with 6 players in the top 10 power rankings compared to server 105’s 3, the true battle lies ahead.

Power Metrics Comparison

When examining key power metrics, the match appears incredibly balanced:

  • Top 1 Power:
  • s56 = 606K
  • s105 = 615K
  • Top 5 Power:
  • s56 = 566K
  • s105 = 559K

  • Top 30 Power:
  • s56 = 519K
  • s105 = 519K

  • Top 100 Power:
  • s56 = 473K
  • s105 = 478K

These figures emphasize the equality in power between the two servers. The battleground will witness an epic clash of activity, strategy, and endurance from the entire rosters of server 56 and server 105.

Three-Kingdom Split Dynamics

A crucial distinction lies in the alliance structure. Server 105 enjoys a three-kingdom split in Norheim, providing them with three alliances. In contrast, server 56 operates with two alliances. This brings both advantages and challenges, as server 56’s combat strength per power is higher due to superior city buffs, but server 105 can siege objectives more effectively with an additional alliance.

The Verdict: An Equal Match of Wits and Strategy

While differences in alliance structure exist, it’s clear that the Legion of Frostborne Battlegroup 135 will be decided by superior builds, player activity, and strategic prowess. The battleground is set, the gates have opened, and the fate of Ymir hangs in the balance. Brace yourselves for an epic clash of titans in the frozen lands! May the best server emerge victorious in this battle for supremacy.

Published: 28-11-2023

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