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Major Update to Fu Fei’s Ultimate Ability in Infinity Kingdom

In the latest balance update from Infinity Kingdom, the powerful and notably expensive chaos immortal Fu Fei receives a significant enhancement to her ultimate ability. This change is poised to reshape the meta, especially at the highest levels of play.

The Update in Detail

Previously, Fu Fei’s ultimate ability provided a broad spectrum of control immunity to her allies, safeguarding them against a variety of control effects from enemy immortals. However, one notable exception was the control effect from Himiko’s ultimate ability, which could bypass Fu Fei’s protections.

With the new balance change, Fu Fei’s ultimate ability has been expanded to include immunity against Himiko’s control effects as well, closing a critical gap in her defense capabilities.

Implications for High-Level Play

This enhancement to Fu Fei’s ultimate ability is expected to have a profound impact on the game’s meta, particularly among top-tier players. Himiko’s control effect represented one of the few vulnerabilities in chaos immortal-focused lineups. With this update, Fu Fei’s value in such setups increases even further, potentially limiting the effectiveness of previously viable counter-strategies centered around Himiko’s control capabilities.

Looking Ahead

The change signals a shift towards strengthening chaos immortals’ dominance in the battlefield, encouraging players to rethink their strategies and adapt to the evolving competitive landscape. As the community digests this update, it’s anticipated that new tactics and countermeasures will emerge in response to Fu Fei’s enhanced role.

Stay tuned to our blog for further analysis and player guides regarding the recent changes to Fu Fei and their impact on Infinity Kingdom’s meta. This update marks a significant moment in the game’s ongoing development, promising to invigorate high-level play with fresh strategic considerations.

Published: 25-03-2024

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