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Ladies and gentlemen! Get your sunglasses on, fill your drinks because it is time! Sun’s out gun’s out and get ready to claim MASSIVE rewards in this years Summer Festival event! In the 874 days I have played this game I have never seen any event close to this event in terms of awesome rewards. Get ready because the the summer carnival has INSANE rewards in 2023!

Main rewards table:

  1. 60x fragments of Holy or Shadow Immortal fragment, dealers choice
  2. 60x fragments of Alexander, Attila, El Cid or Saladin
  3. 60x fragments of unique artifact for either Yoshitsune, Frederick, YSG or Emperor Qin
  4. 60x fragments of unique artifact for either Herald, William, Arash or King Arthur
  5. 60x fragments of unique artifact for either Alexander, Attila, El Cid or Saladin
  6. 40x fragments of Chaos Immortal Loki

So this year we are not doing cosmetics and skins, no no. Instead they have packed the event with juicy top tier goodies for us.

Published: 29-06-2023

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