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Countering Magical Damage in Infinity Kingdom: An Infographic Guide

Understanding the Infographic:

Unlock the secrets of countering magical damage in Infinity Kingdom with this insightful infographic. Here’s a quick breakdown to help you navigate and maximize the information presented in this visual guide.

Line One: S-Tier Magical Defense

In this top line, discover the most potent magical defense skills, each specifically designed to protect your immortals from mystical assaults.

  • Resist: Shields against magical damage.
  • Magical Shield: Provides an additional layer of protection against magic.
  • Jade Barrier: Offers versatile shielding against all damage types and reduces magical damage.
  • Malice: Incredible protection against incoming damage, especially bursty magical damage.

Line Two: General Defensive Skills

In the second line, explore general defensive skills that enhance your immortals’ overall resilience, regardless of damage type.

  • Blessing of Defense: A universal damage reduction skill.
  • Weakness Protection: Provides protection against both physical and magical damage.
  • Energy Shield: A versatile shielding effect that safeguards against all forms of damage.
  • Transfer Protection: Using Absolute Defense or Void Realm in combination with Guard or Assist is a powerful defense.

Line Three: Control Skills for Magical Damage

In the third line, delve into control skills that are particularly efficient against magical damage. These skills can disrupt your magical adversaries’ strategies.

  • Silence: Prevents enemies from casting ultimate skills and regenerating energy.
  • Siren’s Gaze: A potent control skill for disrupting enemy mages and casters.
  • No Escape: A versatile control skill to thwart magical adversaries.

With this infographic, you’re equipped with the knowledge to make informed decisions in the face of magical damage. Discover the best defensive skills, maximize your immortals’ protection, and control the battlefield to emerge victorious in your Infinity Kingdom adventures.

Published: 24-10-2023

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