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Summer Festival 2023

Ladies and gentlemen! Get your sunglasses on, fill your drinks because it is time! Sun’s out gun’s out and get ready to claim MASSIVE rewards in this years Summer Festival event! In the 874 days I have played this game I have never seen any event close to this event in terms of awesome rewards. Get ready because the the summer carnival has INSANE rewards in 2023!

Main rewards table:

  1. 60x fragments of Holy or Shadow Immortal fragment, dealers choice
  2. 60x fragments of Alexander, Attila, El Cid or Saladin
  3. 60x fragments of unique artifact for either Yoshitsune, Frederick, YSG or Emperor Qin
  4. 60x fragments of unique artifact for either Herald, William, Arash or King Arthur
  5. 60x fragments of unique artifact for either Alexander, Attila, El Cid or Saladin
  6. 40x fragments of Chaos Immortal Loki

So this year we are not doing cosmetics and skins, no no. Instead they have packed the event with juicy top tier goodies for us. We are getting Loki fragments, we are getting cheap unique artifacts (yes that is plural! Spenders can get 5 unique artifacts for cheap this event), we even got FREE unique artifacts waiting at the end of the Bonfire Festivities and a FULL 60x fragments for your favorite Holy or Shadow Immortal for just 20 bucks!

Unique Artifacts in this event

First up we have a free tier reward of a full unique artifact. This is massive, especially for all of you low spenders / near F2P players. Furthermore, it is some very nice unique artifacts not normally available in events like this. For once we have powerful uniques for water, lightning, wind and earth-wind-hybrid marches.

Free Rewards Tier Uniques include:

  1. Scroll of the Tiger, Unique artifact for Yoshitsune.
  2. Crown of Flame, Unique artifact for Frederick.
  3. The Code of Gyeongguk, Unique artifact for Yi-Seong-gye.
  4. Qin’s Chariot, Unique artifact for Emperor Qin.

This is huge and you want to make sure to complete the Summer Party bonfire challenge by day 5 end.

Artifacts in store bundles

It does not end here! We have more unique artifacts available for the spenders out there in the event bundles. These bundles are available daily with a single stock. Make note that they reset DAILY and as such you cannot buy 5x 5$ bundles on the last day, but you can buy a total of five 5$ bundles by purchasing one each day.

Event shop bundles contain more uniques! You can get a total of 5x uniques for Immortals:

  1. Figurehead of War, Unique artifact for Herald.
  2. Domesday Book, Unique artifact for William.
  3. Champion’s Arrow, Unique artifact for Arash.
  4. Scabbard of Avalon, Unique artifact for King Arthur.

Good news for all you water and fire players!

Pricing of Store Bundles

USDArtifact FragmentsSoul Stone chestsFirewood

As such, you can get a full UA every single day of the event for 185 bucks!

But how about efficiency? What is the cheapest UA I can get here? Spending 150 bucks across the five days on 5$ and 10$ bundles will net you the 60 you need for 150$. A reasonable price tag for a unique in this kind of event and cheap comparatively speaking to non-event purchases.

USDArtifact FragmentsUSD per fragment

Summer Event 101

The Summer Festival 2023 begins on June 28th and last until July 3rd (available for servers that have been open for more than 7 days; the event will last for the first 5 days, and the sixth day is the settlement day in which you can continue to claim rewards). Let’s check out the event details together!

  1. Summer Carnival: complete daily tasks to obtain firewood and other goodies. More importantly, you earn points towards the juicy star chests with amazing rewards.

Once your task completion progress reaches certain points, you can get a progress chest that contains more firewood as well as Loki fragments! I was personally worries with the last seasonal events introduction of Wukong that we were not getting more free Loki fragments – I am super hyped and excited to see that this is not the case! We are getting a nice 40 more Loki fragments for free this event.

2. Sail Adventure: This is also a complete copy of previous side events, but it is fine since we quite like this one! It is a decent way to earn some free rewards and you can turn gems into speed ups if you have the time and AP to reset and farm camps.

Otherwise, send your Immortals on an adventure at sea and claim rewards that way.

This side event is important because the event chests in this one’s star-bar-meter rewards additional Piles of Firewood which you are going to need quite a few off for the tier-event. More on that.

3. Treasure Hunting: Hunt gnomes, collect resources, etc. As you grind you get more and more chests and eventually you can complete the event and have a nice chunck of speeds on top.

The chests obtain Firewood and a few resources and speed ups as you play the game and grind out resources and gnomes.

4. Summer Party: Now this is where things get really interesting. As mentioned in the beginning of this guide, we have a lot of awesome rewards this time and much of it comes from this side event – the bonfire summer party.

This is where we get our chance at a free full unique artifact for either Yoshitsune, Frederick, YSG or Qin. Furthermore, this is where you can spend 20$ and unlock the second tier with amazing additional rewards. HUGE value for money on this one.

For the price of 20$ (assuming you complete the event) you recieve:

  • 1 full set of 60 fragments for your favorite shadow or holy Immortal. 80-100 bucks value alone.
  • 1 full set of 60 fragments for unique artifact for Alexander, Cid, Attila or Saladin
  • 1 full set of 60 fragments for your choice of Attila, Saladin, Cid or Alexander Immortal
  • Plus a bunch of speeds, philosopher stones and resources.

Completing Summer Party

Completing the Summer Party bonfire event can be quire tricky without spending a lot this event. You gotta complete all other content to get a good chunck of Firewood piles as these count for 40 points in one go. The remaining points you must get from grinding gnomes really hard! Logs drop here and reward you 10 points per log.

Let’s have a look at how long the grind is going to be. Each level requires an increasing amount of points until you reach level 17. Remember to use logs and piles of logs effectively, don’t overcap by spending a pile when there is only 20 points left on the level!

Once you reach level 17, the points required stays the same. All in all the levels and point requirements are as follow:

LevelPoints Needed
In terms of firewood that means

That is all for this years summer festival event! Happy summer everybody and good thing we can bring Infinity Kingdom with us to the beach!

Published: 28-06-2023