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Cost of maxing Legendary Hunter (with gems)

You can kill beasts as the Legendary Hunter using two kinds of arrows, the free arrows and the gem-arrows. Gem arrows costs 100 gems each and deal 50 points of damage (100 dmg crits with a 25% chance).

Price tag (gems)

Assuming you want to max this event ONLY with gems, how much would that cost? What is the maximum price tag for the amazing Artifact rewards?

Thanks to player KennyYKX being kind enough to share information on all 40 levels of the Legendary Hunter event tab, we know that the hit points of each level is as follows:

LevelPoints Needed

As such, we know that it takes a combined 16,980 points of damage to kill every single beast in the Legendary Hunter if they had a shared health pool. We also know that our Gem Arrows deal 50 damage with a 25% chance to critically hit for 50 additional damage.

The avg. damage of a Gem arrow is thus = 50 + (0,25*50) = 62.5

As as such you need a total of 272 Gem Arrows * 62.5 = 17,000 damage. At a 100 gems a piece that gives you a price tag of 27.2K gems to max out the event + 3500 to unlock the artifact rewards tier. All in all, that gives you a total cost of 30.700 gems to max out this event ONLY using gem arrows.

It should also be noted, that the above is not accounting for free-to-play arrows. You will not be using only gem arrows as you have a very easy way to farm large amounts of normal arrows – kill some gnomes!

However, efficiency will also be bit lower since your realistically will get some ‘lost’ damage from overkils.

Hitting a beast with 10 HP will always make for overkil damage. This calculation does NOT account for that but assumes perfect efficiency which is impossible.

All in all, I expect 25K to be more than enough to ensure you max out and get your artifact reward. Which is a very good price for a unique artifact! These usually cost between 50-150$ to get each!

Published: 18-05-2023