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Builds: Farming lvl 43’s minimal losses

Guide to Infernal Assault in Infinity Kingdom

Infernal Assault is an incredibly important event for every player in Infinity Kingdom – why? Simple, it is the single best method of obtaining vast piles of gold. Gold is arguably the most precious resource in the game (perhaps only surpassed by pure gems and VIP points). Gold is required in massive amounts to upgrade your Immortals and Dragons and is something that every player struggles to ever get enough of. Therefore, you need to take advantage of every Infernal Assault event and earn as much gold as you can.

There are two important limitations to understand when dealing with Infernal Camps. Firstly, you are limited in the number of troops you can/want to spend on farming these camps. Secondly, you are limited by your Action Points (AP) in terms of how many camps you can kill without draining your AP-bank.

The higher the level of the enemy camps, the harder the fight is but the more gold you are rewarded from clearing. This is why you need to find a sweet-spot, i.e. the highest level camp you can clear without taking massive losses. This way you retain troops and AP and get as much gold as possible during the event.

For me, my sweet-spot has previously been level 28, then 33-34 and now with my new builds that I would like to share with you all I am comfortably clearing level 43 Infernal Camps and Infernal Core with minimal losses.

My Builds

So let’s get on with it and have a look at the builds. There are two builds here, you can either choose to make two different formations and swap between them or make them as your first and second team. If you are having problems clearing cores with this build as a second team (maybe due to lower technology, boost levels or Immortal levels) you should go for two formations and make small modifications to the core-build.

The first build you want is for clearing the camps. These function as normal gnome camps which you need to clear as quickly as possible with low losses. This means area of effect damage (AOE) since we have four gnome enemies.

For the second build, we are building a boss-killing build, because the Core will always be a Gnome Boss. Use your normal boss-killing build in a different formation if you can’t run both of my builds here comfortably, you can also checkout more boss-killing builds on ik-wiki under Boss Killing Builds.

Camp-clearing build

(1) Build for killing camps Himiko + Zeno + Alexander + Charles. Note, that because this is my main march for PvP this is what works best for me. You can use your Immortals from your main setup with small modifications to obtain similar results.

  • Himiko: Berserk for attack speed. This is needed to get high damage quickly from Alexander and to get Charles to quickly reach max energy and use his shields (because he has Adrenaline Rush, increased attack speed helps here). Annihilation and Concentration are also used on Himiko, because they are the highest damage output in AOE for a magic user.
  • Zenobia: Oaken Guard to reduce the damage taken from enemy normal attacks, Purify for the healing effects (although this is low number value, it is fast and works well given the relatively low damage hits of gnomes). Lastly, we have Misleading here, because we want the gnomes to miss as many attacks as possible to protect our troops and minimize losses.
  • Alexander: Berserker (or anger/wind-rage if you do not have Berserker) for the added damage and attack speed. Combined with Cleave and Death Breath, your Alexander will make quick work of the gnome enemies dealing high and fast AOE damage.
  • Charles: Weakness to tab into as many critical hits as we can, increasing the chance to crit makes a big difference when you Immortals deal this much damage to the enemy you basically wipe the camp with one good crit on Himiko. Blessing of Defense is used to reduce the damage taken, it is brilliant for this kind of encounter because you are going to have the buff active for almost the entire fight (if not the entire fight) given how quickly you will each gnome army in the camp. Finally, Adrenaline Rush is used on Charles to get his shield effects active as quickly as possible. Getting his shield up almost prevents all damage taken from that point onwards.

Core killing build

(2) Build for killing core – boss Fire builds are always amazing for killing bosses, both because of the fire dragon and because of Hippo and Empress Wu. They are amazing single-target damage dealers and vital in this setup. I use Empress Wu + Yoshi + Hippolytta + Khubilaikhan for my boss core killing build.

  • Empress Wu: Poison Thorn for high single-target damage. I would like to use concentration too, but we use that in the gnome camp build and I am building a second team here instead of a new formation. So instead, we use Blessing of War to provide us the damage we need to quickly kill a boss. Lastly, Root is an amazing skill for bosses both because it deals good single-target damage and because it roots the boss making it unable to attack your Immortals during the control effect.
  • Yoshitsune: Anger (or onslaught), Snipe and Duel Master for maximum physical damage to a single target. If you do two formations you can use Adrenaline Rush here for very good effect.
  • Hippolytta: Wind Rage with Combo and Energy Burst. This makes her deal surprisingly high normal attack and combo damage while also giving a good chance to proc critical hits and hence regen energy with Energy Burst. If you run her in a second formation you can do hyper regen builds and you can opt to include weakness in your boss killer formation – perhaps on Khubilai.
  • Khubilai: In this build as a second march, we use Life-Link and Absolute defense. This is a nice combination for bosses to minimize the damage you take. While you are not going to see massive damage from this on these bosses akin to what we see on Spider bosses, you will take a lot fewer losses which is very important since Khubilai will be tanking all normal hits – and Hippolytta’s ultimate ability makes the boss unable to do anything but normal attacks! Neat right? Lastly, I run Blessing of Rage here, because all of our Immortals in this build scale incredibly well with increased energy regen and hence we get a big increase to our damage.

With these builds, I am able to kill Infernal Assault camps and cores at level 43 with very low losses with an avg. troop loss of around 300-350 per fight. Very manageable and hugely rewarding! I hope you enjoyed this guide; good luck farming your billions!

Published: 07-01-2024