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UPDATE Change – Theia’s Roulette Rewards Universal Fragment Chests

Theia’s Roulette Event has been going on for a long time now. It is the only method of obtaining many of the most powerful Immortals’ Fragments in Infinity Kingdom, namely those of the Holy and Shadow elements. While some Shadow Immortals are available elsewhere e.g. in the Sparks of Galaxy event and Gilgamesh is a F2P holy Immortal, the rest of the holy and shadow roster are exclusively Theia’s Roulette rewards.

Untill now, the event has been dedicated to each Immortal on rotation. E.g. event 1 = Himiko, event 2 = Siegfried, event 3 = Theodora, event 4 = Manco, and so on. However, as the roster for both the holy and the shadow element has grown and grown over time we now have a collection of eight different unique Immortals, four of each element.

  1. Siegfried (shadow)
  2. Himiko (shadow)
  3. Theodora (holy)
  4. Manco (holy)
  5. Bjorn (shadow)
  6. Tomyris (shadow)
  7. Khubilai Khan (holy)
  8. Nebuchadnezzar ll (holy)

What this means for the game and players, is that in order to upgrade an Immortal to max star-ranks you need multiple events and as such wait for months on end for your Immortal to be available again through the roulette rotation. Since Thiea’s Roulette comes around roughtly every 2 weeks, even big whales who want to max an Immortal in insanely inefficient 2 or 3 events would have to wait 16-32 weeks! Months on end to get an Immortal.

The development team has listened to our cried for help and changed the event by breaking the rotation scheme!

This is great news for anyone with a hope or a dream of getting any of the Thiea’s Immortals. Most importantly, this is a HUGE advantage for the smaller spenders who go for high efficiency in their spending.

The change – breaking the rotation cluster f***

What the change did was make the Bonus Event Bar drop Universal Immortal Fragment chests instead of specific Immortal Fragments. Meaning that while before the first 50-spin bonus rewarded 10x Fragments for only the single Immortal on rotation (e.g. ONLY for Manco) it now drops 10x Fragment chests with which the player can choose what Immortal’s Fragments they want.

This means that for spenders of any size, getting the Immortals you need max rank, no longer requires a long wait between events. Instead, you can get whatever Immortal you want in every single event!

Why this is a big deal for mid-spenders

This is a huge change for all of the mid-spenders out there. Many of you have either not been able to get your holy or shadow team finished simply because the game forced you to purchase the highly inefficient bundles in order to max out on only 2 or 3 events.

Now you can play the roulette efficiently, spreading out your spending across multiple events to take advantage of the fact that the bonus is much more efficient in the low tier.

For instance, spending only 50 spins rewards you 10 bonus fragments. Spending another 50 rewards you another 10 Fragments (from the 100 bonus). However, then you need to spend 100 spins more to get another 10 bonus fragments (from the 200 bonus) dropping the effiency to half value of your first 100 spins. Moreover, from here it gets increasingly more expensive with a 150 jump and a full 200 jump for the last two tiers. However, the last tier is a 60 fragment drop, which makes a bit more sense.

For pure effiency you always want to stop at 100-spins however, but if you want to go a bit faster then that you can opt for the 200 spin bonus or go for a full 900 spin clear.

You should NEVER stop between 200-900. Always get as close to 200 as you can (not leaving a half empty wheel of course) OR make sure you cap 900.

Check out this effiency table

Bonus ThresholdsBonus RewardsTotal Fragments for each thresholdEfficiency (Spins per Fragment)

Best of luck on the wheel! For more information on the costs of maxing Theia’s Immortals and some ideas for how to do it efficienty, check out my guides here. Be ware that they are a bit old and slightly outdated.

Published: 03-01-2022