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Pirate Festival

Title: Pirate Festival 2023: Cost, Value, and Player Choices

The Pirate Festival, an annual seasonal event, has set sail once again, bringing with it a treasure trove of rewards for players. In previous years, participants could acquire coveted items like the Bon Voyage skin. This year, the event offers new frame and chatbox designs, making it a must-attend occasion for collectors and enthusiasts.

Daily Rewards: The festival spoils players with daily sign-in rewards, including 5 Explosive Cannonballs, 300 gems, one 8-hour bubble, and three philosopher stones.

Daily Tasks: As part of the festival experience, daily tasks present players with a series of objectives such as training troops, engaging in the Well of Time 50 times, and summoning immortals. Completing these tasks yields rewards, notably 5 Athena shards per day. It’s worth noting that these tasks are time-sensitive, disappearing once the day rolls over. Completion of all tasks is required to claim the rewards. Some players may find the speedups and action points required for these tasks not worthwhile unless they are specifically building Athena or have surplus resources.

Missions and Bounty: The Pirate Festival introduces missions that send immortals on elemental requirement-based quests and tasks players with eliminating gnome camps. These missions and tasks offer cannonball crafting materials and various speedups as rewards. Each completed mission or task earns stars that accumulate and can be redeemed for rewards such as cannonballs, cannonball crafting materials, and speedups. Tasks can be refreshed for free every hour or for 20 gems.

Ocean of the Dead: A central feature of the festival is the Ocean of the Dead, where players utilize two types of cannonballs, Explosive and Solid, each with a 25% chance of dealing double damage. Solid Shots deal 20 damage, while Explosive Shots deal 50 damage on average. Based on these statistics, it can be inferred that every Explosive Shot is equivalent to 2.5 Solid Shots, and thus, every Solid Shot is valued at 40 gems.

The festival introduces progressively challenging levels, each with varying HP requirements.

1 – 50 HP
2 – 70 HP
3 – 90 HP
4 – 110 HP
5 – 130 HP
6 – 150 HP
7 – 170 HP
8 – 200 HP
9 – 230 HP
10 – 260 HP
11 – 290 HP
12 – 320 HP
13 – 360 HP
14 – 400 HP
15 – 450 HP
16 – 500 HP
17+ – 550 HP

Players are able to obtain some Canon Balls and Explosive Canon Balls for free, but not enough to complete the event. Gem spend is a requirement to obtain the end rewards. Let’s have a look at how much it is going to cost ya.

Please make note, that these calclations DO NOT take overkill into consideration, as such you are going to waste a little and spend just a few more. But it gives us a clear indication of what to expect.

All levels in total have 16980 HP.

Explosives and Canon Balls have their 25% chance to crit, making their avg. damage respectively 62.5 and 25 damage.

Canon Balls can be obtained in a finite number: We get 50 from Island Adventure and 50 from Kingdom Bounty. At a total of 100 canon balls with an avg. damage of 25 hence a total of 2500 damage all in all.

This will take us to around level 12-13 on it’s own. But no where near the level 40 we need if we want to complete the event. As such, we need to include some Explosive Balls! These are obtained free via Island Adventure and Kingdom Bounty, but only a total of 15 are awarded for free. Let’s see how many we need to buy using gems.

Total HP: 16980 minus 2500 damage from canon balls, divided by the avg. dmg of explosives 62.5 = gives us a total need for 232 Explosives on average with the 15 free, that means we need to buy 217 using gems = at 100 gems each that nets us a total average cost of 21.668 gems to max this event (not including overkill).

Gem cost analysis: To assess the value of the Ocean of the Dead event, we’ll consider gems, philosopher stones, and speedups (converted to their gem equivalent) since these are the primary items of interest for most players.

  • For the free path, you’d get 400 gems, 7 philosopher stones (roughly 2,100 gems based on their cost), and four 1-hour speedups (280 gems or roughly 70 gems each based on market prices) for a total of 2,780 gems of value.
  • For the 3,500 gem path, you’d get 1,600 gems, 12 philosopher stones (roughly 3,600 gems), and four 3-hour speedups (1,080 gems), totaling around 6,280 gems of value without including the exclusive artifact chest you would also get.
  • For the $20 path, you’d get 18 philosopher stones (5,400 gem value) and ten 3-hour speedups (2,700 gems value), totaling 8,100 gems. You would also get the frame, chatbox, exclusive artifact chest for Alex, and 60 chests for light and dark immortals pieces.

Conclusion: The Pirate Festival presents players with a tantalizing array of rewards, but its cost-effectiveness varies depending on individual preferences and in-game priorities. Whether the event is worth pursuing depends on your specific goals. For some, certain rewards may hold little value, while others may covet exclusive items like frames and chatboxes. Ultimately, the Pirate Festival offers an exciting opportunity for players to acquire new items and enhance their gameplay experience.

Published: 19-09-2023