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Primal Pinball

Navigating the Primal Pinball Event in Infinity Kingdom

The Primal Pinball event in Infinity Kingdom is an exclusive opportunity for players, especially big spenders, to accumulate valuable resources for upgrading portrait levels on Chaos Immortals. This guide aims to provide an overview of the event mechanics, the significance of Crimson Moonlights and Stardust, and strategic advice on maximizing your returns from the event.

Event Overview

To participate in the Primal Pinball event, players need Pearls of Finding, which are purchasable in the game shop. The primary rewards from this event are Crimson Moonlights and Stardust, essential for upgrading portrait levels and enhancing the power and appearance of your Chaos Immortals.

Crimson Moonlights and Stardust

  • Crimson Moonlights: These are premium items used specifically for upgrading portrait levels on Chaos Immortals, increasing their stats and overall effectiveness in battles.
  • Stardust: This resource is also used for enhancing portrait levels, although it might serve a more general purpose across different types of immortals or in-game enhancements.

Event Mechanics and Chances

The Primal Pinball event offers a variety of rewards with different probabilities:

  • Yellow Tier 4 Rewards: There’s a 5% chance to land on this tier, rewarding players with 4x Crimson Moonlights. Given this probability, on average, you would need 500 Pearls to obtain 100 Crimson Moonlights.
  • Stardust Fields: These have a slightly higher chance of 6.8% for players to land on, providing another avenue to gather essential resources.

Strategic Spending for Maximum Efficiency

Given the structure of bundle prices and the probabilities for obtaining rewards, strategic investment is crucial:

  • The $5 bundle provides exceptional value, offering 3.6 Pearls per dollar, making it the most cost-efficient option.
  • The value decreases with higher-priced bundles, with the $15 bundle yielding 2 Pearls per dollar, and further diminishing returns for the $30 bundle and beyond.

For those playing the long game and focusing on efficiency, combining the $5 and $15 bundles for a total of $30 provides 48 Pearls, equating to roughly 10 Crimson Moonlights.


The Primal Pinball event is a long and potentially expensive endeavor tailored towards players willing to invest significantly to enhance their Chaos Immortals. The key to maximizing your investment lies in strategic spending, focusing on the more cost-effective bundles to gather Pearls of Finding. While the event offers a path to obtaining valuable Crimson Moonlights and Stardust, players should approach with a plan for resource allocation to ensure the best return on their investment in upgrading portrait levels. Remember, patience and strategic planning are essential in navigating the cost-intensive landscape of the Primal Pinball event.

Published: 06-02-2024