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Call of the New World

Call of the New World: Uniting Realms for Infinite Adventures

Greetings, fellow Infinity Kingdom commanders! Today, we bring you thrilling news that promises to reshape the landscape of our gaming experience. The eagerly awaited event, “Call of the New World,” has officially gone live on the 18th of December! This event is not just another addition to our routine; it’s a game-changer, offering players from less active servers a golden opportunity to migrate to a new, predetermined server – all for free.

The Purpose of the Event:

The primary aim of the “Call of the New World” event is to breathe fresh life into servers that have been struggling with inactivity. Recognizing the importance of a vibrant player community, the developers have crafted a unique chance for commanders stuck in otherwise quiet realms to merge into a more active and bustling environment. In doing so, this event ensures that our beloved Infinity Kingdom remains a dynamic and engaging world for all.

The Significance of Server Merging:

Merging players into fewer servers is a strategic move that benefits the entire community. It creates a more lively and competitive atmosphere, fostering collaboration, competition, and camaraderie. By consolidating the player base, the game gains the necessary activity and community spirit to thrive. This shift is not just about moving accounts but about building a stronger, more united community.

Opportunities for Migration:

The “Call of the New World” event opens the door for a multitude of servers to participate in the migration process. Whether you’re a commander seeking a change of scenery or a leader looking to revitalize your server, this event offers the chance to reshape the future of your Infinity Kingdom.

Special Consideration: Bypassing Migration Caps

One standout feature of this event is its ability to bypass the migration cap restrictions that servers may typically impose. During the “Call of the New World,” servers open for free migration cannot limit or disable migration, allowing for a more seamless and unrestricted experience. This groundbreaking aspect ensures that players have the freedom to move without hindrance, creating an open and fluid environment for all.


The “Call of the New World” event is more than just a server migration; it’s a chance for commanders to embark on a new adventure, revitalizing less active realms and building a stronger, more connected Infinity Kingdom. The free migration, coupled with the bypassing of migration caps, offers a unique and unprecedented opportunity to reshape the game world and create a more vibrant community.

So, commanders, seize this opportunity, rally your forces, and join the migration to a brighter and more active future in the Infinity Kingdom! May your journey be filled with exciting encounters, strategic alliances, and endless possibilities.

Published: 18-12-2023