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Drop Rates

1. Introduction and Sparks of Galaxy

Greetings, fellow commanders! In the ever-expanding universe of Infinity Kingdom, the Sparks of Galaxy event stands as a celestial opportunity for Immortal enhancement. Recent updates have injected new excitement into this time-honored event, introducing Khubilaikhan fragments and unique artifact schematics into the coveted rewards. In this guide, we navigate through the cosmic landscape of player data, offering insights into the drop rates, costs, and strategies to maximize your gains.

2. Data from Players

Let’s peer into the cosmic data contributed by commanders who’ve ventured into the Sparks of Galaxy event:

Himiko Draws (370):

  • Immortal Fragments: 5x (7%), 60x (1%)
  • Unique Artifact Schematic: 5%
  • Dragon Crystals: 18%

Siegfried Draws (750):

  • Immortal Fragments: 5x (5.8%), 60x (0%)
  • Unique Artifact Schematic: 6.7%
  • Dragon Crystals: 17.7%

Khubilaikhan Draws (750):

  • Immortal Fragments: 5x (5.3%), 60x (0%)
  • Unique Artifact Schematic: 6.7%
  • Dragon Crystals: 17.1%

3. Analysis

Now, let’s embark on a cosmic analysis of the combined drop rates for Unique Artifact Fragments, Immortal Fragments, and Dragon Crystals:

  • Immortal Fragments:
  • draws consistently provide 5x Immortal Fragments, offering a steady progression rate between 5.4 – 7%.
  • The big unique reward of 60x Immortal Fragments, seems an illusion to most people and is statistically 0.16% across these 1.870 draws.
  • Unique Artifact Fragments:
  • A consistent drop rate of around 5 – 6.7% for Unique Artifact Schematics is observed across all Immortals.
  • Commanders have a reliable chance to obtain these sought-after artifacts regardless of the chosen Immortal.
  • Dragon Crystals:
  • Dragon Crystals emerge as a dominant force in the event, consistently accounting for a substantial percentage in all draws with 17.1 – 18% drop rates.
  • The reliability of Dragon Crystal drops provides a steady source for your dragon using the Galaxy event.

5. Conclusion

As we navigate the celestial expanse of the Sparks of Galaxy event, the data suggests a strategic approach. Immortal Fragments, Unique Artifact Schematics, and Dragon Crystals beckon, each playing a vital role in the cosmic progression of your Immortal forces. Consider the drop rates, plan your draws wisely, and may your journey through the Infinity Kingdom cosmos be prosperous and filled with celestial triumphs!

Published: 21-11-2023