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Event Rewards

The Original Festival has begun! From the 16th to the 21st of April players are able to participate in the Original Festival for a bit of post-easter celebrations! During these six days, players can participate in a variety of activities and earn rewards.

Main Rewards Summary

Rewards come in two tiers: The first tier is for free-to-play players with farmable Frigg Souvenir Coin as the main currency. The Second tier of rewards costs the Original Crystal currency. This currency is a “spender” currency. You can get 3x via gems in the Colorful Party, but the rest are only available in recharge bundles costing real fiat currency to exchange.

Tier 2 rewards (F2P):

– For 5 Souvenir Coins you can buy the “full of energy” chest containing either valuable AP potions of universal speeds. A very very good chest and you want to purchase all 3 in stock.

– For 120 Souvenir Coins you can buy the “Miracles of Goddess” chests containing an Epic Immortal at random. This is a super good reward available for free and it a good way to obtain a good chunck of Purple Soul Crystals.

– Call of Origin Selection Chest is the third noteworthy reward, simply because some players live for cosmetic effects. Here you are able to get the Original Festival Avatar Frame or an extra philosopher stone.

– Any remaining Souvenir Coins you have should be used to purchase as many speed-ups as possible.

Tier 1 rewards (spender):

– For 30 Original Crystals you can purchase the Epic Immortals Selection Chest offering a full 60 fragments for your favorite missing Immortal. You can choose between: Attila, Saladin, El Cid and Alexander.

– With another whopping 100 Origin Crystals you are able to purchase the Aspect of Origin Selection Chest which holds either: Castle Skin “Wonderful World” or a unique artifact for either Attila, Saladin, El Cid or Alexander.

– For just 10 Original Crystals you can purchase the Common Dragon Crystal Selection Chest and choose between 100x dragon crystals for either Earth, Lightning, Water or Fire.

– Spending only 2 Original Crystals you can purchase 1 Philosopher stone. This carries a max stock of 10, giving a good option for some summons.

– For 10 Original Crystals you can buy the Lively Origin Selection Chest where you can either get 6x philosopher stones (okay stone value) or the Playful Frigg chatbox cosmetic.

– Lastly, for 5 Original Crystals you can get the Colorful Origin Selection Chest with either 3x philosopher stones (okay stone value) or the Colorful April avatar frame cosmetic effect.

Original Crystal Pricing

The price tags are quite steep for this event. A total of 185 dollars will get you the full 170 crystals. However the structure makes is highly inefficient way of obtaining anything.

Rewards I will prioritize

I want to make sure to purchase 3x Full of Energy spending just 15 free-to-play Souvenir Coins. I will also make sure to get the Miracles of Goddess for 120 coins just because purple crystals is always worth banking. All remaining coin I will be dumping into as many speed-ups as I can.

For the spender section of this event I am not going to participate. I do not find the rewards worth the price tags. 10 Original Crystals (5$) for 100 dragon crystals is bad value, the castle skin is not very good (especially since we have the Frozen Dragon Skin with cooler cosmetics and just pure and simple better effect. The Unique Artifact for Alex, Attila, Cid or Saladin costs 100 Crystals translating into 85$. Comparatively, the 5-day UA bundles that occur very often as a default in the shop, gets you the same unique artifact for 50$ + dragon essences and crystals. Much better value. Lastly, there is the 60 Immortal fragments. Is this atleast cheap? No. Getting 30 Crystals will cost you 35$ since the 10$ bundle only hold 16 and not the 20 crystals you need. That makes it hugely inefficient and expensive.

I am not spending a dime this event. I am going to be grinding this event however, since the free to play rewards are okay.

If you would like to know more about this entire event and how to obtain these rewards. Check out the full event details below!

Published: 16-04-2023