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Festival: Mini-event for X-mas and New Years 2023

Celebrate the Season with Pets Christmas New Year Carnival in Infinity Kingdom!

Season’s greetings, commanders! As we eagerly await the grandeur of the Winter Festival event on the 24th of December, Infinity Kingdom has surprised us with a delightful bonus mini event to keep the festive spirit alive. Introducing the “Pets Christmas New Year Carnival,” this holiday-themed event will run from now until January 7th, bringing joy, rewards, and a touch of merriment to the realm.

Invitational Code Bonanza:

The highlight of this mini event is a heartwarming opportunity to reconnect with friends who may have taken a break from Infinity Kingdom. By generating an invitational code, you can entice returning players to rejoin the battlefield. If you know someone yearning to dive back into the action, share the code and reap the rewards – including gems, essences, and event boxes that promise exciting surprises!

Simple Tasks, Abundant Rewards:

The Pets Christmas New Year Carnival keeps things straightforward with three simple tasks that can yield bountiful rewards. First, login to the event page; second, login to the game; and third, complete your daily quests, accumulating 100 activity points. In return for your festive dedication, you’ll receive three attempts to pull rewards from the whimsical event-machine-grabler-thingy.

A Treasure Trove of Rewards:

What can you expect from the event-machine-grabler-thingy? Oh, only a trove of rewards to enhance your Infinity Kingdom experience! From gold boosts and gems to philosopher stones, experience points, and marching speedups – the possibilities are vast. And if luck favors you, you might even snag Stardust, Portals, or Elite Dragon Crystal chests, elevating your holiday celebration to new heights.

Daily Visits, Daily Delights:

Make it a daily ritual to venture into the Pets Christmas New Year Carnival event from now until January 7th. With each visit, you’re not only ensuring a jolly time for yourself but also increasing your chances of uncovering rare and valuable treasures. The event promises a mix of practical resources and exciting surprises, making it an adventure worth embarking on every day.

A Prelude to Winter Festival:

While the Pets Christmas New Year Carnival is a delightful side-event, remember that the grandeur of the Winter Festival awaits us on the 24th of December. So, commanders, stay tuned for the real Christmas extravaganza, and in the meantime, revel in the joyous atmosphere of the mini event.

‘Tis the season of giving, and Infinity Kingdom is spreading the holiday cheer with the Pets Christmas New Year Carnival. Reconnect with old comrades, complete simple tasks, and revel in the joy of daily rewards. As we count down to the Winter Festival, let this mini event be a delightful prelude to the grand celebration that awaits us. Happy holidays, commanders, and may your Infinity Kingdom be filled with festive magic!

Published: 22-12-2023