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Infernal Assault 101

Background Story of Infernal Assault

The Infernal Assault event in the popular online game Infinity Kingdom is driven by an intriguing background story that captivates players and sets the stage for an exhilarating gaming experience. The narrative unfolds in a fantastical world where the mischievous Gnomes, notorious for their disruptive behavior, once posed a significant threat. However, following the momentous fall of Harold’s Ice Wall, a pivotal event in the game’s lore, a noticeable decline in Gnome activity was observed.

Yet, the resilient Gnomes refused to be easily deterred. Adapting their tactics in response to previous failures, these cunning creatures showcased newfound intelligence and resourcefulness. No longer content with their traditional approach of heading north for supplies, the Gnomes displayed a remarkable shift in behavior. They began venturing to the front lines, constructing weaponry on-site to further their wicked agenda.

This strategic evolution resulted in the creation of Core Furnaces, instrumental in the Gnomes’ nefarious endeavors. It is imperative to thwart the Gnomes’ progress and put an end to their infernal assault. The fate of the realm hangs in the balance, and players must rise to the challenge, uniting their forces to counter the relentless onslaught of these resilient adversaries.

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Infernal Assault in General

The Infernal Assault event, available in the immersive world of Infinity Kingdom, offers players an opportunity to engage in a thrilling in-game experience. To participate in the Infernal Assault, players must have been on the server for a minimum of three weeks, unlocking access to this challenging event. Spanning three days, the Infernal Assault demands strategy, teamwork, and skill to emerge victorious.

Once unlocked, the event progresses in a specific order, with players required to complete each round sequentially. The Infernal Assault presents players with a distinct set of defenses, specifically designed for this event, presenting a fresh and exciting challenge. Successful completion of the Infernal Assault rewards players with varying quantities of valuable in-game items, enhancing their progress and providing new opportunities for growth.

Upon conclusion of the event, players have the chance to participate in subsequent iterations of the Infernal Assault on a cyclical basis. By completing the final stage of the event each month, players can continue engaging in this action-packed experience, further refining their skills and reaping greater rewards.

The Infernal Assault is a team-based event that encourages players to coordinate and mobilize their troops to launch an assault on the Gnome camps. The size of the player’s team directly affects the bonuses received, making it advantageous to recruit as many teammates as possible. Having a full team significantly reduces troop losses during the assault, increasing the chances of success. It’s worth noting that individual attacks contribute to the overall progress of the team, but to earn credit for a level, players must reach the last node, known as the furnace.

Advancing through higher-level camps unlocks additional squad slots, allowing players to optimize their benefits by increasing their squad size up to five slots. This strategic choice enhances their chances of success and maximizes the rewards obtained.

To ensure effective coordination, it is recommended that teammates remain in close proximity. This proximity facilitates collaborative attacks, allowing players to assist each other and conserve valuable Action Points (AP). Even if all marches are engaged in resource gathering, players can still contribute by “joining” the team, providing buffs and support. The Infernal Assault does not require every player to initiate individual attacks; as long as the level criteria are met, all players can participate in the rally and contribute to the alliance’s progress.

The Infernal Assault event presents an immersive and cooperative gaming experience, where players must strategize, coordinate, and support each other to overcome the relentless Gnome assault. By triumphing in this epic battle, players not only safeguard their world from chaos but also earn rich rewards.

Event Rewards

The Infernal Assault event offers rewards to both individuals and alliances, further incentivizing players to participate and excel in this challenging endeavor. There are three categories of rewards available:

  1. Gold Farming: This event is the single best method and the only event where you are able to consistently farm gold resource. This makes is an extreemly valuable event and one that you want to prioritize until you have all Immortals and Dragons at max level and rank.
  2. Alliance Rewards: These rewards are distributed based on the accumulation of points earned collectively by the alliance. The more points earned, the greater the rewards bestowed upon the alliance as a whole.
  3. Individual Rewards: To be eligible for individual rewards, players must meet specific requirements. These rewards are tailored to each player and can include valuable items such as philosopher stones, a coveted resource within the game.
  4. Destroying Core Rewards: Destroying the core within the Infernal Assault yields additional rewards. The quality and quantity of these rewards are determined by the level of the Infernal Assault. Higher-level events offer superior rewards, incentivizing players to strive for greater challenges and achievements.

By successfully navigating the Infernal Assault, players have the opportunity to reap substantial rewards, both individually and as part of their alliance. The event not only tests their skills and strategic prowess but also provides a pathway to acquire coveted resources and enhance their progress within the game.

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Published: 19-06-2023