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Christmas Snow Festival

It is finally that time of the year! Snow is falling in Norheim, Merlin’s done brewing the eggnog and Zenobia is almost done with the feast! Christmas is here and the Infinity Kingdom snow festival has begun – Happy holidays everyone!

In this guide, we are going to have a look at this years Christmas event.. and spoiler alert – it is an extreemly awesome one this time. This might be one of the absolute best and most Free-To-Play friendly seasonal events ever! Merry Christmas and thank you IK.


So this year, Santa has brought some very nice rewards for us. In the Winter Surprise we have a few main rewards that we want to focus on.

First of all, you are able to get Attila, Saladin, El Cid or Alexander for FREE. Spending only 60 Snow Hats.

Secondly, you can get a unique artifact for your brand new Immortal for 250 Snow Hats.

Third, if you are in need of dragon crystals, there are a few in there for not much cost, likewise, there are a few purple crystals to be earned.

Fourth and last, you have the usual cosmetic stuff. Getting the Nameplate, Chatbox and Profile Frame costs you a few Snow Hats,

This years Castle Christmas Skin will cost you 250 Hats, but more importantly, it is the same box as the unique which means you are unable to get both unique artifact and event skin this time.

How does it work?

In order to unlock the good rewards for this event, you need some Snow Hats!

These are available in the Shop for Gems. Yes. GEMS! You do not need to spend a single dollar this Christmas, instead you spend some of that hard earned gem stockpile on awesome rewards.

The bundles have 1 stock and resets daily, meaning you can get a lot of value from this event.

Spending your gems will get you more than just Snow Hats too – this is a rare chance for players to get very very cheap Dragon Essences!

The full event shop is as follows (reset daily)

GemsSnow HatDragon EssenceEpic Immortal Spirit Chest (Purple Crystals)

Cost of main rewards

So what does the big juicy rewards cost? They are quite cheap! You can get the unlock on otherwise pay-to-play Immortals for under 8k gems. Moreover, a unique artifact for under 33K gems is very cheap compared to the spender prices from many other events. However, it is similar to that of Pinball events.

Snow Hats req.Cost (gems)
Unique Artifact/Castle skin25032,833
60x Immortal Fragments607,880

Loki under the tree

Infinity Kingdom also has a special treat for us this year – Loki!

Our favorite Chaos Immortal is hiding in the Snow Festival Eve Quest rewards, unlocking all five will get you a total of 40 Loki Fragments, simply by completing the daily quests that release as the event progresses. This is massive and an awesome way to keep us engaged during the holidays. All players should pay careful attention to this and make sure you complete all of the quests this year!

All in all

All in all, this event it a very good one. We are getting a ton of value. Free to play players are able to unlock Atilla or another pay-walled Immortal with only gems and everyone is able to get Dragon Essences at extreemly low cost. Lastly, we are able to get Loki fragments FOR FREE. We don’t even spend gems, we just complete quests and unlock massive 40 Loki Fragments free of charge.

A great event for this years Christmas in Infinity Kingdom – I hope that each and every single one of you and your loved ones have a wonderful Christmas and enjoy the holidays to the fullest!

Published: 23-12-2022