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Blessings of Triss Beginners Guide

The “Blessings of Triss” event in Infinity Kingdom is a special event that offers a variety of rewards, including special artifacts, ability stones, resources, and materials for artifacts. Here’s a guide to help you navigate and make the most out of this event:

Event Mechanics

  1. Coin Toss: Players can throw a coin into a well to receive a random reward, such as schematic artifact fragments, ability stones, or resource items.
  2. Event Duration: Typically, this event lasts for three days.
  3. Free and Paid Participation: You get a free throw each day of the event. Additional coins for extra throws can be purchased, usually with better value in the lower-priced packages.
  4. Artifact Fragment Limit: You can limit the fragments to lock a specific artifact, increasing your chances of getting it faster, but this comes at a higher cost of (up to) 6 coins per throw.

Strategy Tips

  • Free to Play Limitations: Note that the event is not entirely free-to-play friendly. Using only the free coins provided daily will not get you very far. I am not sure if any player has been able to obtain a skill as a free to play yet – and we have had Triss for a long time now!
  • Purchasing Strategy: It’s recommended to buy the $20 packages multiple times to maximize value, as higher-priced packages offer lower value compared to the combined lower-priced ones. Read more here
  • Event Complexity: The mechanics of the event are quite intricate, so it’s essential to understand them well to optimize your chances of getting the rewards you’re aiming for.

Main aspects of the event

  • Max Skill Stone Strategy: A key part of the event involves strategies for acquiring skill stones. This aspect is crucial for players looking to maximize their benefits from the event. Read more here
  • Obtaining crucial unique artifacts: The Blessings of Triss event is the main source of the best unique artifacts available in the game. These greatly improve the Immortal they are designed for. Read more here

Concluding remarks

  • Stay Informed: Keep an eye on updates and guides from reliable sources and community members.
  • Community Engagement: Don’t hesitate to ask questions in community forums or directly contact experienced players for advice.

The Blessings of Triss event in Infinity Kingdom is an exciting and rewarding experience for players. Understanding its mechanics and strategizing your participation, especially regarding coin purchases and aiming for specific rewards, can significantly enhance your success in the event.

Published: 09-01-2024