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Alliance Challenge

Alliance Challenge Recommendation in Infernal Assault

For alliances with ambitious goals and a drive for excellence, it is highly recommended to focus on completing Level 10 and Level 20 of the Infernal Assault event. The reason behind this recommendation lies in the point allocation system, where each level’s destroyed Core Furnace grants the alliance 5 points.

To provide a clearer understanding, let’s delve into some calculations. The following was kindly provided to us by player Tea, thank you for sharing with the community!

Level 10: 5 x (10) = 50 Alliance Points Level 12: 5 x (12) = 60 Alliance Points Level 20: 5 x (20) = 100 Alliance Points

Level 10 consists of 3 nodes to be completed, with each node assumed to be worth 100 Alliance Points. Thus, the AP requirement for Level 10 is 3 x 100 = 300 AP for every 50 points.

Level 12 has 5 nodes to be finished, with the same assumption of 100 AP per node. Consequently, the AP requirement for Level 12 amounts to 5 x 100 = 500 AP for every 60 points.

Similarly, Level 20 also comprises 5 nodes, each valued at 100 AP. Therefore, the AP requirement for Level 20 is 5 x 100 = 500 AP for every 100 points.

Let’s consider a case where a player with limited spending capabilities possesses 21,000 AP and desires to spend it during the event. Employing the equilibrium formula, we can make comparisons among Level 10, Level 12, and Level 20:

Ctotal: Level 10 = Level 12 = Level 20 Ctotal: (Q/Qr) x P = (Q/Qr) x P = (Q/Qr) x P

Calculations: Ctotal: (21,000/3 x 100) x (10 x 5) = (21,000/5 x 100) x (12 x 5) = (21,000/5 x 100) x (20 x 5) Ctotal: 70 x 50 = 42 x 60 = 42 x 100 Ctotal: 3,500 = 2,520 = 4,200

Based on the formula, it is evident that allocating 21,000 AP for Level 10 will yield an Alliance Point contribution of 3,500 (with a minimum death troop requirement of 120,000), Level 12 will result in a contribution of 2,520, and Level 20 will provide 4,200 points (with a minimum death troop requirement of 220,000).

Considering the above calculations, if you hold a leadership position within the alliance (R6 or R5), it is advisable to suggest that alliance members focus on completing Level 10 and Level 20 to optimize their performance in the event and increase the chances of securing the top position.

How to Manage Alliance Challenge

To effectively manage the Alliance Challenge within the Infernal Assault event, it is crucial to employ certain strategies. Here are some tips to ensure smooth coordination and maximize participation:

Set the Alliance Calendar or Send Alliance Mail

It is essential to utilize the features of the alliance calendar or send alliance mails to notify all members of the upcoming siege. These notifications serve as reminders and allow all alliance members to prepare for the event. As a leader (R6 or R5), it is your responsibility to set the alliance calendar or send the necessary mails to keep everyone informed.

Remind Your Alliance Members in Alliance Chat

To ensure that all alliance members actively participate in the Individual Challenge, regularly remind and motivate them through the alliance chat. Encourage open communication and provide assistance and guidance to members who may have questions or need support during the event.

Set the Alliance Mark

a) Find the Location for Infernal Assault

When setting the alliance mark, it is advisable to choose a location near the borderline, as it increases the likelihood of the mark appearing next to your castle. This makes it easier for alliance members to locate the Infernal Assault and rally together for coordinated attacks.

b) Add to the Alliance Bookmark

In addition to setting the alliance mark, add the location of the Infernal Assault to the alliance bookmark. This allows all members to quickly access the event’s location and eliminates any confusion or delays when mobilizing troops.

By implementing these strategies and effectively managing the Alliance Challenge, your alliance can work together seamlessly, optimize participation, and increase the chances of achieving top rankings in the Infernal Assault event. Remember, coordination and teamwork are key to achieving success in this endeavor.

Published: 19-06-2023