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2nd Anniversary (2023)

Alright Infinity Kingdom family. Happy Anniversary everyone! We have now been playing this wonderful game for 2 years – amazing! Thank you for all of the wonderful memories and epic battles so far, I look forward to many more 🙂

Aaaaaaanyway… for this article we are ofc going to have a look at the 2nd Annisersary event. We will go over the main parts of the event and focus on what you should take note of.

Firework Party and Firework Master

Like with most other seasonal events, you collect materials by completing standard game PvE content. Collecting resources, killing gnomes, etc. As you collect you can build Fireworks which you in turn bring along to the Firwork Party! As you send off festive fireworks for the joy of Frederich and Merlin, you also unlock the standard 3-tiered rewards ladder like all other events.

What you should take note of here, are the rewards. They are pretty terrible sadly! You get almost nothing from the free tier and even the gem tier only rewards a few more event currency and a temporary castle skin. The paid tier unlocks a few minor rewardsas well as some Anniversary Coins. Completing the entire third tier will get you 2x 10 Anniversary coins for 20$. THIS IS TERRIBLE VALUE, and you should not buy this. Even if you are looking to spend heavy getting Anniversary coins this event, you are better off spending on bundles where you get almost the same amount of Anniversary Coins and a bunch of Philosopher’s Stones, Dragon Essences, gems and speed ups on top. Much better value.

This event gives you a few event currency rewards at level 5, these are fine to get for free but I wont bother going any deeper.

Ultimately, the Fireworks side event should not be something you focus on, unless you are bored in which case you might as well complete it 😉

Sweetness Guardian

This side event is also a remake of a very common event. You send our Immortals on quests or kill gnome camps in order to obtain Stars which in turn complete the event bar (top) and unlocks rewards.

Completing this event rewards you quite a lot of Metallic Powder to be used on Fireworks during this Event. You do get a few other items like buffs and speeds, but nothing of high value. As such, this should be completed if you are looking for complete the Fireworks side-event.

Since you don’t really need a lot of Fireworks for the rank 5 currency reward, and the later ones are not rly very juicy, I am not going to bother with this part of the event this year as the rewards are almost non-existant.

Wukong Fragments

Okay, from here on out things are going to get a bit better! Until now, it has been a very disappointing event, however the Infinity Kingdom team have a nice surprise for us for this Anniversary – a brand new Chaos Immortal: Wukong the Monkey King!

While he is a Chaos Immortal and as such require A LOT of Fragments to upgrade, you are going to be getting quite a few this event. Free to play players are NOT able to get Wukong. He is more expensive than Loki, making a new record for Infinity Kingdom Immortal price-tags. For all of you “gotta cath ’em all” players, go nuts!

For those who are willing to spend the thousands and thousands of dollars it takes to max this guy, you are going to want to make sure you collect every single fragment this event!

2nd Anniversary Main Event Quest Board

As a free to play, you can complete the 2nd Anniversary Main Quest Board. Here you get three different Quest Chains every single day of the 5-day Anniversary event. Completing these quest chains (e.g. logging in for 5 days, training troops, summoning Immortals, etc.) you collect Mission Points and unlock the event rewards via the event Mission Bar.

As you complete this event you will be getting the best rewards of this years event! These are the MAIN rewards of the event!

(1) As you complete the Daily Quest Chains, you reap solid rewards.

Everything from speeds, shields, teleports, philosopher stones, etc. as well as Anniversary Currency.

(2) In addition you get the event bonus rewards chests.

These contain Wukong Fragments as well as event currency and materials.These are very very nice rewards and since they are very easy and free to get, you want to complete them all.

You can collect 40 Wukong Fragments via this side event alone.

Getting 80 Wukong Fragments (Summon)

As we now know, we get 40 Wukong Fragments for free by completing the 2nd anniversary main quest event.

We need 40 more in order to summon Wukong! (chaos immortals require 80 to summon and more to upgrade than Epic Immortals – read my guide on upgrading Immortals).

Luckily, we can get 40 more from this event’s main currency shop! I know right, can you believe it just fits perfectly?! Lucky!

What you need is 80 2nd Anniversary Coins. So how do we get these? Well we got some from the side events mentioned above, and we can get more by purchasing the event bundles for this years event.

In addition the Frame – Text Box – Castle Skin bundles also reward you 2nd Anniversary Coins.

Getting 80 Anniversary Coins

You need 80 Anniversary Coins more to get your Wukong Fragments. Or if you do not care about Wukong or if you want to get all rewards from this event, you have the options to purchase:

Wukong for 80 Coins, one full artifact (standard non-unique) for 40 coins, 3×100 Dragon Crystals (standard elements) for 10 coins each as well as 5x philosopher stones for 3 coins each and 5x 3hour speeds for 3 coins each.

Not the best rewards and not something I would call worth spending on. But of course nice to get some free rewards if you are looking to just dump the coins you get for free and not get the Wukong Fragments!

However, if you are looking for the full 80 Fragments, you CANNOT get them for free.

You are able to collect a total of 25 Anniversary Coins for free via the Daily coin Quest chain (on main board) + the main board bonus chests and getting the free level 5 reward from Fireworks Party. In addition you can pay for another 5 with gems in the Fireworks Party and another 20 if you pay the 20 bucks. I would not pay for this however, but instead get the last Coin via the Dragon Essence bundles!

Completing the Fireworks Party and purchasing the thiord tier will reward you currency, however as I said above I think this is bad value compared to simply buying bundles that give you Dragon Essences.

Assuming that day 2-5 do not have a daily that gives coin (day one has) then we are going to be getting only 25 coin for free and have to spend to get remaining coins.

Getting a full 55 you have to purchase the 5$ + 10$ + 20$ + 50$ event bundles giving you 60 coins. A very expensive event.

Castle Skin

This years gifts are the unique Anniversary castle skin giving a 3% SP recovery speed.

This is a VERY cute skin. I personally really like the design of it and being into Cosmetics you likely want to go nuts and get it! However, the buff itself is not something that I long for. SP is nice and all, but you can get a lot better buffs then that.

I cannot recommend this castle skin, however I completly understand players who are desperate to get it purely for the looks!

There is no way to obtain this skin as a Free to Play. You have to purchase the event bundles for Castle Skin.

Published: 18-02-2023