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Thanksgiving 2023

Infinity Kingdom Thanksgiving Event Player Guide

Welcome, Commanders, to this year’s Thanksgiving Event in Infinity Kingdom! This guide will help you navigate the event tabs, understand the tasks, and maximize your rewards. Let’s dive in!

1. Delicious Feast

Objective: Log in daily to claim rewards.

In this tab, simply log in each day to receive rewards such as gems, philosopher stones, shields, and event currency. While not extraordinary, these rewards add up, so don’t miss out on your daily feast!

2. City of Warmth

Objective: Complete stages for Turkey Chest rewards.

This year’s event quests are presented in five stages, allowing you to complete tasks at your own pace. For every two completed tasks, you earn a Turkey Chest, totaling 50 chests. These chests contain valuable rewards, including 40 Loki Fragments, speed-ups, AP and SP flasks, resources, buffs, soul crystals, and market orders. Ensure you complete all five stages to claim the full 50 Turkey Chests.

3. Gratitude Gift

Objective: Earn Gratitude Chests by playing the game.

Engage in various in-game activities such as resource farming, gnome and boss battles to earn Gratitude Chests. These chests contain Tasty Sweet Corn, the primary Free-to-Play currency for the event. Accumulate Sweet Corn to unlock rewards in the event shop.

4. Amnesty Ceremony

Objective: Upgrade your Turkey using earned hearts.

As you progress in the City of Warmth, you earn hearts. Spend 8 hearts to upgrade your Turkey and unlock rewards. There are 20 levels in total, offering various rewards. While not the most exciting, completing all levels grants a 3-day temporary castle skin and other minor rewards. The spender option is available but may not be a priority due to the rewards not being exceptionally enticing.

5. Sweetness Gathering (Event Shop)

Objective: Spend Sweet Corn and Pumpkin Pies for rewards.

In the event shop, use the Free-to-Play currency, Sweet Corn, and the spender currency, Pumpkin Pies, to redeem rewards. Key free-tier rewards include elite immortal fragments, speed-ups, fragments of Alexander, Cid, Saladin, or Atilla, and a Philosopher’s Offer. Spender-tier highlights are 60 fragments of a holy or shadow immortal for just 30 Pumpkin Pies, Stardust, Crimson Moonlights, and more. Prioritize based on your needs.

6. King’s Feast

Objective: Explore special event bundles for cosmetic items.

Visit the King’s Feast tab for special event bundles containing cosmetic items. While these may appeal to collectors, the overall value is lower compared to regular event bundles. Only consider these if you aim to complete the entire shop.

Remember, Commanders, plan your strategy wisely, focus on your priorities, and enjoy the Thanksgiving festivities in Infinity Kingdom! May your rewards be bountiful!

Published: 23-11-2023