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Event Overview

The Malena Ambition event, which occurs monthly in the Infinity Kingdom, has been the subject of much discussion. In this article, we aim to provide an in-depth look into common mistakes made during the event and what preparation steps should be taken to secure a high score.


The most crucial step is to develop a plan and share it in the alliance letter. This feature allows for statistical voting to determine attendance levels. If there are many high-power participants, it’s advisable to defend a high-level city. On the other hand, if the attendance is dominated by low-power participants, a city with a lower level should be chosen. Neglecting to plan and prepare is a common mistake made by many alliances.

Reminding Remind your members by using the alliance calendar, so everyone is aware of the event. This feature can send notifications to alliance members, including via their cell phones.

Common mistakes

Make sure to protect your strong troops by placing them in the city’s garrison. Troops outside the green line’s range can defend the castle within the green circle. Avoid panicking during the invasion of the gnomes.

Basically, if you are inside the green area you must garrison yourself. A good way to kill off invading gnomes with a march that needs to replenish/refill troops often. Your strongest marches can be on the city walls while a march that barely beats the gnomes is more than enough on your castle, it would need constant marching on the walls. Hence you maximize the use of your four marches.

If you want to avoid any incoming attack, place yourself outside the area and just send garrisons to the walls. This works if you are a whale who can take on many incoming attacking without loosing eventually. If you only kill a few gnome armies before loosing and having to march all the way back and forth, it is a waste of time.

But this is a great way to get whales to help even without being online! They can simply sit in safe area having sent garrisons to the walls before logging off.

Alliance Rankings

To score the highest points, it’s important to flawlessly maintain gate defense. Although it may be challenging, the rewards for a successful defense will be significant.

Obtaining Rank 1 in Malena Ambition By following the steps outlined above, your alliance has the potential to rank first in the Malena Ambition event. An easier option is to join a server that is dominated by one alliance.

Power Recommendations

For Low Death Troops in Norheim’s City The following is a statistical report for the recommended power levels to achieve low troop deaths in Norheim’s city.

Level 10: 200,000
Level 11: 230,000
Level 12: 250,000
Level 13: 280,000
Level 14: 320,000
Level 15: 350,000

I hope that this article provides valuable information on how to achieve a top ranking in the Malena Ambition event. The event is a great opportunity to test your alliance’s cohesiveness. To rank first, it requires proper preparation or domination of a server by one alliance.

Published: 11-02-2023