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Chaos Roulette (2.6.9)

Player Guide: Chaos Roulette Updated for Patch 2.6.9

With the recent updates in patch 2.6.9, the Chaos Roulette event in Infinity Kingdom has seen significant changes, making Chaos immortals more accessible than ever before. While they remain among the most expensive items in the game, the chance to get the jackpot fragments before 25 spins has dramatically increased. Let’s dive into the Chaos Roulette event, how to participate, and estimate the costs to acquire a Chaos immortal efficiently.

Understanding the Chaos Roulette

Chaos Roulette is a limited-time event that runs every weekend. During this event, players can spin a roulette wheel using “eyes” to earn various rewards, including fragments for Chaos immortals. Every 25 spins guarantee you the jackpot of 6 Chaos immortal fragments, but the new patch has improved drop rates, making it possible to get the jackpot even before reaching 25 spins.


To participate, you need to collect eyes. Eyes can be bought with real money. Once you have the eyes, you use them to spin the roulette wheel. Each spin has a chance to land on various rewards, but the primary goal is to collect fragments for Chaos immortals.

Chaos immortals are available via the Chaos Roulette wheel. When playing this game you have a chance to obtain 6 fragments every 25 spins. Additionally, for every 500 eyes spent spinning the wheel you complete the bonus side-bar where you can open the treasure boxes for an additional 80 fragments. This means if when you spin the wheel, worst case scenario being you always pull the fragments on spin 25, you will have a total of 200 fragments after completing the full event.

Estimating Costs

To fully unlock a Chaos immortal, including their artifact slot, you need a minimum of 1,640 fragments. Let’s break down the worst-case scenario and the potential cost:

Worst-Case Scenario Calculation

  • Fragments Needed: 1,640
  • Fragments per 500 Eyes: 200
  • Events needed to max: 1,640 / 200 = 8.2
  • Total Eyes Needed: 1,640 / 200 * 500 ≈ 4,100 eyes

As you can see, we need to play Chaos Roulette around 8.2 times to receive the 1,640 fragments if you never get the chaos jackpot before 25 spins, i.e. this is our cap for how much it can possibly be. However, given that you will obtain fragments without spending the full 25 spins, you are likely going to max out on 6 to 7 events (stay tuned for more accurate data in a new update).

There are Chaos Roulette events every weekend, so you can actually max out an immortal pretty fast these days.


There are three bundles that you want to focus on. The 5$, 10$ and 20$ bundles. These all reward you 1.2 eyes per dollar (best value).

  • $5 Bundle: 6 eyes
  • $10 Bundle: 12 eyes
  • $20 Bundle: 24 eyes

In total you will have 5x of each bundle available for each of the three days of the event. Thus you can obtain 630 eyes in total from these, which is more than enough since we only need 500 per event.

Why 500? Because we need to be efficient here and efficiency mainly comes from the bonus bar. Getting you 10 fragments as a bonus for every 100 eyes and the last 500 eyes bonus giving 40 fragments for a total of 80 bonus fragments every event. Therefore, you MUST bank 500 eyes before participating in this event. Luckily, we can buy 500 eyes ever event using the efficient bundles.

Maxing out an event round

So you gotta buy 504 eyes every event to get the bonus (you need 500 but 500 can’t be bought as bundles comes with 6 at a time) so 504 is the number you wanna hit. This could e.g. be 8×5$ + 10×10$ + 14×20$ but it really dosen’t matter what combination of bundles you get as long as you stick to the three efficient bundles. Total that will cost you 420$ per event.

Given 6 to 7 events MAX price to max out a Chaos immortal that brings the grand total for an upper limit on the cost to max to = 2.5K – 3K USD.

Estimated Total Cost:

  • Good luck: 6 events * $420 = $2,520
  • Bad luck: 7 events * $420 = $2,940
  • No luck (cap): 8 events * $420 = $3,360

So, even if you are somewhat unlucky, you should expect to max out a Chaos immortal in about 6-7 events, making it a lot more affordable than previous versions where it could easily cost you around $8,000.

The short of it

  1. Bank Eyes: Always ensure you have 500 eyes before participating in the event to maximize the chronicle bonus.
  2. Buy Efficient Bundles: Stick to the $5, $10, and $20 bundles to get the best value for your money.


The updated Chaos Roulette event offers a more affordable way to acquire Chaos immortals compared to previous versions. While it remains a costly endeavor, strategic participation can significantly reduce the overall expense. By understanding the mechanics and optimizing your approach, you can make the most of this event and add powerful Chaos immortals to your roster.

Stay tuned for a detailed guide coming soon that will dive deeper into the average number of fragments per spin and provide more insights into maximizing your returns in the Chaos Roulette event.

Published: 28-05-2024