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Individual Challenge

The Infernal Assault event not only encompasses team-based gameplay but also includes individual challenges that allow players to test their skills and prowess on their own. While these missions are intended for solo completion, players are not alone in their journey, as they can seek assistance from alliance friends and other players. In this article, we aim to provide recommendations to help players navigate the Individual Challenge of the Infernal Assault, maximizing their chances of obtaining the highest prizes while minimizing troop losses.

One crucial aspect to consider when undertaking the Individual Challenge is the strength of the troops players should deploy. To assist in making informed decisions, we have provided troop power recommendations based on specific levels. It is our hope that these recommendations will aid players in completing the Infernal Assault with maximum rewards while minimizing the loss of troops.

The troop power recommendations for farming are as follows:

  • X – 40,000: Recommended for Under Level 4
  • 40,000 – 80,000: Recommended for Level 4
  • 80,000 – 100,000: Recommended for Level 6
  • 100,000 – 130,000: Recommended for Level 8
  • 130,000 – 150,000: Recommended for Level 10
  • 150,000 – 200,000: Recommended for Level 15
  • 200,000 – 300,000: Recommended for Level 20
  • 300,000 – 400,000: Recommenden for Level 30
  • Above 400,000: Push to max level and farm ONLY small outer camps. Leave the Core alone and farm gold on minors when they respawn.

These power recommendations correspond to the strength of your strongest troops, taking into account the minimum number of death troops. By aligning your troop power with the recommended levels, you can optimize your performance and increase your chances of success.

You might wonder why there are no power recommendations for levels such as Level 7 or Level 18. The reason for this omission is the significant disparity in troop losses between certain levels. Specifically, there is a notable difference in the number of death troops between Level 6 and Level 5, as well as between Level 19 and Level 20. As a result, we advise players to adhere to the power recommendations outlined in the table above, unless they are willing to surpass those limits in pursuit of additional rewards.

For instance, let’s consider an example. Suppose you have already reached Level 20 but desire to obtain the extra reward offered at Level 21. In order to accomplish this, you must successfully clear the next stage and overcome the challenges it presents.

By following these recommendations and carefully strategizing your troops’ deployment, you can enhance your performance in the Individual Challenge of the Infernal Assault event. Remember to leverage the assistance of your alliance and other players, as teamwork and coordination can significantly contribute to your success. May this guide assist you in your quest to conquer the Infernal Assault and secure the maximum rewards while minimizing troop losses.

Published: 27-07-2023