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3rd Anniversary (2024)

Infinity Kingdom’s 3rd Anniversary Event Guide

As Infinity Kingdom approaches a significant milestone, the 3rd Anniversary event, set to begin on February 18th and extend through March 4th, promises a grand celebration unlike any before. This detailed guide offers players an exclusive preview into the festivities, laying out the mechanics and rewards of each event segment. Designed to mirror the excitement and depth of seasonal events but with the added joy of a 15-day long celebration, this event is a treasure trove of opportunities for both new and veteran players.

Anniversary Celebration

This segment is the cornerstone of the event, where players earn 3rd Anniversary Coins by engaging in a variety of missions. These coins are your ticket to unlocking special treasure chests filled with rewards. The more points you accumulate, the better the chests become, with the highest-tier chest offering coveted items such as the Fate Of Chaos Selection Chest and Stardust. This setup encourages daily participation, ensuring players have ample motivation to log in and complete missions throughout the event’s duration.

Sweet Guardian

In Sweet Guardian, players are tasked with dispatching immortals on missions or defeating limited-time anniversary snowmen, a novel enemy introduced for the celebration. Successful missions and battles reward players with Fireworks, a special currency used in the Fireworks Party event.

This section not only provides a unique challenge with the introduction of snowmen but also a direct link to earning rewards in another part of the anniversary event, showcasing the interconnected nature of the event’s design.

Happy Land

Happy Land offers players a chance to stumble upon Anniversary Celebration Chests through routine game activities such as collecting resources, gathering, or defeating Gnome Units or Bosses. These chests contain 3rd Anniversary Coins, further contributing to your ability to unlock special chests in the Anniversary Celebration segment. It emphasizes the event’s integration into all aspects of gameplay, allowing players to progress in the event by engaging with the game’s core mechanics.

Fireworks Party

The Fireworks Party is where players can let off the Fireworks collected in the Sweet Guardian event to claim an array of rewards. This part of the event introduces additional layers of strategy, as players must decide when and how to use their Fireworks to unlock rewards.

With tiers including free, gem, and a $20 option, players of all spending levels can participate and benefit from this celebratory activity, further enhancing the event’s inclusivity. We even get Eyes of Chaos here, amazing redeem rewards!

Long Live Friendship

An exciting addition to the anniversary event is the Long Live Friendship dice game. Players use dice to move Glyndwr across a board, collecting gifts at each stop. This game is a highlight, offering major rewards such as the Eye of Chaos, Ancient Spirits Selection Chest, and more.

The dice game also provides a pathway to obtaining Fu Fei chaos fragments and chaos selection chests, making it a focal point for players aiming to bolster their immortal lineup at a potentially great discount.

Gift Exchange

The Gift Exchange is a feature allowing players to use their 3rd Anniversary Coins to handpick rewards. This exchange offers strategic choices, including the Artifact Schematics Selection Chest and the Shadow and Light Selection Chest, among others. This element of the event empowers players to tailor their rewards to their specific needs and goals, providing a personalized celebration experience.

Exclusive Gift Pack

Marking the occasion, the Anniversary Festival Pack offers various levels of purchase options, each providing generous amounts of dice for the Long Live Friendship event. This pack is designed for those looking to maximize their event participation and rewards, catering to different levels of investment.

The Event Skin

The anniversary event introduces an exclusive skin, providing a 3% healing boost to seriously wounded troops in hospitals. While the buff might seem modest, the skin stands as a symbol of participation in the 3rd Anniversary celebration, offering both aesthetic and functional value to commemorate the occasion.

Conclusion: Celebrating in Style

The 3rd Anniversary event of Infinity Kingdom is a meticulously designed celebration, offering a comprehensive suite of activities and rewards that cater to a wide range of player interests and strategies. From battling snowmen in Sweet Guardian to strategic decision-making in the Fireworks Party, there’s something for everyone in this grand celebration. As we await the start of the festivities, this guide serves as your compass to navigate through the event, ensuring that you make the most of this once-a-year opportunity to celebrate, strategize, and win big. Prepare for an event filled with excitement, challenges, and, most importantly, rewards that will help shape the destiny of your kingdom in the year to come.

Published: 13-02-2024