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Rebel Tracks

Rebel Tracks is one of the few very important events for everyone to participate in. Spenders and F2P alike want to take part to reap the excellent rewards that this event has to offer. In this guide we are going to have a look at the overview of the event, what are the rewards, how does the event work, what should I do and how do you best setup Rebel events togeather with your alliance for maximum effiency and rewards for everyone.

Rebel Rewards

To begin with, let us take a look at the rewards of this event. The reward caps are very easy to get as a group in organized alliances but can be a bit of a pain if you are flying solo.. which I mean, don’t fly solo.. anyway!

There are three different reward types we care about from this event:

(1) Exp. Scrolls. These are quite good, as you do need a fair bit of experiance in order to maintain 4 x 3 Immortals at max level.

(2) Soul Crystals (purple crystals). These are very very very important! You need A TON of Purple crystals in order to max three Tower of Knowledge skills / passives on all four Immortals in all three marches. That’s a grand total of 3 x 4 x 3 = 36 ToK skills as a minimum. Seeing as just 1 ToK Epic skill costs you 163K crystals to max, it is fair to say you need every single crystal you can get!

(3) Sun Crystals and Empowered Sun Crystals. Another very solid reward. In fact, this event only have good rewards!

We need quite a lot of Sun Crystals as well as Empowered Sun Crystals in order to upgrade the Artifacts of all our many Immortals. It costs you 40 Sun Crystals to upgrade a single Artifact (unique or norm. same cost) from Bronze Quality to Silver Quality rewarding a massive attribute boost.

Furthermore, you need another 40 Empowered Sun Crystals in order to finish your artifact upgrading it from Silver Quality to Gold Quality – again you gain a massive increase by doing so.

How does it work?

Okay, so it is pretty clear that this even is bloody awesome! You are going to want to max out the rewards from this event every single opportunity you have. Don’t miss this event! But how exactly does it work?

The Rewards are unlocked by completing the Event Rewards Point Bar. As you kill Rebel Camps you are rewarded with Points (stars coins). Once you have collected 300 you unlock rewards chest one, 500 = the second chest, etc. Completing the entire event requires 1500 Points.

You obtain points by killing Rebel Camps or being part of a Rally that kills a Rebel Camp. A Rebel Camp level 7 rewards you 70 points. Camp level 5 rewards 50 points, lvl 6 = 60 points, etc.

Killing Rebel Camps

First things first, you need to collect Rebel Camp quest items in order to spawn these rebel camps. These items are dropped by Gnomes level 8 and above.

The higher the level of the Gnome Camp (either of the three types) = the higher the level of your Rebel Camp item and thus more Rebel points.

Find a comfortable level where you take minimal losses and do A LOT instead. It is far better to run both more gnomes and more rebel camps than fighting against enemies that force large troop losses upon you.

You simply rally down the Rebel Camp spawned by your Rebel army quest item. This should naturally be done togeather with your friends in your Alliance! Having 5 players in the rally rewards ALL players the full points towards Rebel Tracks Event Rewards. As such, you want to have a big hive and a ton of rebel camps being killed by everyone.

You must be able to kill it easily in one blow, so other players can join your rally with their fourth troop and get the rewards without ever fighting a rebel.

You should always complete this event togeather with atleast a group of 5 players total. Preferably, setup alliance wide events with massive hives. Spread out slightly to make room for Spawning Rebel Camps and go nuts cooperating!

Published: 04-03-2023