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In this article we shall go through the unique seasonal event for Halloween 2022! For this one, we are going to focus on spender-content. Since we are doing the Halloween event where spenders can reap big rewards.

Halloween have some F2P rewards too in the form of gifts, but I honestly don’t think anyone here wants to here me tell you to go send gifts to your friends – we all know that!

Free Gift Codes for Halloween!

Here are the three new codes! They expire in 6 days from today, so get on it and make sure you have used all three. There are major rewards including a total of 9 philosopher stones to get this year!

3x CODES: halloweenfb + halloweendc + halloweenvk

Spender rewards

We have quite a few high value items available for this event, including castle skin, unique artifacts and a chance to unlock one of the great Epic Immortals of Infinity Kingdom.

We will take a look at the rewards first, then the bundles on offer as well as the pricings of his years event rewards.

Bundle Price5$10$20$50$100$
Candy per usd21.51.751.21

Buddy up!

This years event is much like the previous. We have a lot of rewards, but we can’t redeem them ourselves but instead have to gift them to one another. We gotta go trick or treating! So you should find a buddy on your server that needs some of the same items that you do and trade gifts.

Castle Skin

This years gifts are the unique Halloween castle skin giving a 3% boost to technology research timers.

Let’s just jump into the castle skin. Night Phantoms is an awesome skin and one of the skins I personally have gained the most value from since I got it last year. Having 3% boost to technology is a gift that keeps on giving. I know only one player that has actually completed technology at this stage, meaning pretty much everyone even in castle level 50 are struggling to keep up with the vast tech-tree of Infinity Kingdom.

I cannot recommend this castle skin enough! Dragon gold, tech boost and troop HP are in my opinion the three skins that are worthwhile to get!

Unlock Charles or Genghis Khan or Baldwin

You can also get a full 60 fragment chest for either Genghis Khan, Charles or Baldwin. These are absolute top tier Immortals and especially Charles and Khan are invaluable in many end-game meta setups.

Get Skin, Charles og Khan as a FREE TO PLAY?!?

There are not many events where players are able to obtain a Genghis Khan or a Charles. If you are a 100% free to play player, you cannot trade with someone else. That would require money investments. Instead, what you can do is trade your services in return for a rewards chest!

For instance, some players in your server may value honor or resources highly. If you have an army of free to play alts ready. You can trade a couple million honor for a spender reward. Or you can make a deal for x-amount of million resources for a reward. This is an opportunity for all you free to plays to offer your services for sale!

Unique Artifact – high value item

Third on the list of amazing rewards, is a full unique artifact piece for Alex, Attila, Cid or Saladin. These cost around 200-300 USD to get through Triss events and as such you can get a very nice discount if you are running one of these Immortals and need more artifacts.

Pricing on rewards

Let’s have a look at the pricings and how we can get the rewards we want for as cheap as possible.

These are all the candy-currency bundles of this years event. As usual the cheaper the bundle the more value.

Bundle Price5$10$20$50$100$
Candy per usd21.51.751.21

Because this event both has rewards you can buy directly and rewards you can gift to each other. There are some of the rewards you can get in multiple ways.

The castle skin, should be traded. You can get is as cheap as 70$ if you gift-trade with another player.

Whereas if you get it from the bundles you purchase you have to spend the total 115$ and you will not be able to get a unique artifact! That would be terrible!

The Immortal unlock of Khan or Charles will set you back 85$ if done as cheap as possible.

The Unique Artifact can ONLY be gained through the big event 99$ bundles, and as such you need all of them totalling a cost of 115$ for the artifact. A bit less than half of what they usually cost to get through Triss!

The cosmetics can be bought for 15$ but are included in the 115$ if u buy unique artifact.

What does it cost to get EVERYTHING?

Well if you want everything you have to combine purchasing exclusive bundles and currency-bundles.

To get the unique artifact you have to buy all three exclusive bundles, getting you back 115$. As I said, a very very good price.

This also takes care of getting the cosmetic stuff, and leaves you with 30 spare candy currency.

To get the Castle skin you need to trade with a buddy and spend 80 candy. Moreover, we want Charles or Khan, so we need an additional 120 candy. With the 30 we have spare we are looking to buy 170 candy at a cost of 155$.

Some of you will now think. Boy, that’s a lot of money. And yes, it is. But I have to say, at a grand total of 270$ for ALL the high profile rewards, it is very very cheap compared to buying the same value outside of this event.

You get the castle skin, a unique artifact, a khan or Charles, the cosmetics and a bunch of VIP points and other minor stuff. Comparatively, you should be expecting to pay this for a single artifact on a bad day of Triss!

All in all very good value for spenders this Halloween.

Free-to-play gift rewards

As a free-to-play we have very very nice rewards. We are always on the hunt for more Purple Soul Crystals, and this event has quite a few! In addition we can get much needed AP potions and a bunch of speedups and the cosmetic name plate.

You get the free to play currency by farming resources and killing gnomes. Basically play the game and they will come.

You craft it in the event tab and can spend it on sending gifts to your friends. Try find a buddy who needs the same stuff you do, and trade!

The best rewards you should focus on getting are soul crystals, AP potions and if you have anything to spare get speedups. Cosmetics have no impact. But I mean.. if you think it’s worth it go get that too!

Published: 01-11-2022