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Stallar Compass, how does it work and what are the chances of artifact rewards?

The Stellar Compass event is a relatively new Event to grace the Lords of Norheim. It is a very important event for all players because some of the core-unique artifacts of the game can be found here. If you main earth you need Alexander’s if you main water you need Attila’s and so on. These unique artifacts can be extreemly expensive to get and you need 15 uniques to max a single one.

This is a rare opportunity to both get cheap unique artifacts via bundles and also getting FREE unique artifacts if you grind and bank right!

This means that free to play players are able to grind and bank Crystal Balls to ensure Unique Artifact rewards.

Redeem event for F2P crystal balls

This event is a solid way to obtain rewards, much cheaper for spender than Triss and is also available for Free-To-Play players since the side-event “Redeem Event” offers you Crystal Balls rewards by spending event currency farmed killing gnomes, gathering resources, etc.

Wonderful Journey, more F2P crystal balls

Futhermore, you can obtain a lot of Crystal Balls by completing the Wonderful Journey event that will also be happening at the same time. Here you spend Dice obtained by spending gems and/or purchasing in the shop. Also a F2P method for obtaining Unique Artifact Fragments.

I spent a total of 80 dice to complete the bonus wheel. Your experiance may vary, seen as any hits on the jackpot tile make a huge difference. Theoretically, you are 100% sure to max out points by lapping the board 13 times. With 29 tiles to land on and a 6-sided dice, your absolute maximum required number of rolls (without EVER hitting any of the jackpots small of large) is 377.

AV = ( (M + 1 )/ 2 ) * N

  • Where AV is the average dice value
  • M is the max value of all dice
  • N is the total number of die

( 6 + 1 )/ 2 ) * 106 = 377

However, there is a 3.4% chance to hit the big jackpot and a 10.32% chance to hit one of the small ones on every lap. I got a little lucky and spent 80 dice. You could do with fewer or a few more averaging around 80-100 dice to complete event with resonable certainty.

Stellar Rewards

In addition to the unique artifact fragments, you are going to be getting a lot of speedups and other very nice resources from farming this event. All in all this is a VERY high value event for most all players in Infinity Kingdom and one you should pay careful attention to. Make sure you grind out the entire free to play Redeem Event every time it comes around, you will be able to get F2P artifacts and speedups very quickly.

Moreover, try to make sure you spend your gems while Spending Rewards and Wonderful Journey events are live. For instance, growing and developing players are going to be spending gems on summoning for Purple Crystals. When you do that you spend a ton of gems and thus you should always do that during a spender-event. That way you get a lot of Dice to be used later in many events. Take note, that Dice are an inventory ressource and as such carry over for the next event.

Published: 20-02-2023