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Max skill stone strategy

Mastering the Art of Skill Stone Farming in the Blessings of Triss Event

Welcome, commanders, to the Blessings of Triss event—a realm of wishes, artifacts, and the elusive skill stones. In this guide, we will unravel the strategic approach to maximize your chances of acquiring skill stones efficiently, saving resources and ensuring success in your endeavors.

1. Event Overview:

The Blessings of Triss event offers commanders the opportunity to purchase wishes, which can be used to obtain various rewards, including artifact fragments, unique artifacts, and the highly sought-after skill stones. With 151 drops available in a single clear, understanding how to farm skill stones efficiently is paramount.

2. Resetting the Board:

After obtaining the desired rewards, commanders have the option to reset the Triss event, refreshing the board and cycling through artifacts and skill stones. This allows for targeted farming, enabling players to focus on specific artifacts or skill stones they need for their Immortals.

3. Farming Artifact Fragments:

While farming artifact fragments, commanders can strategically eliminate unwanted artifacts, increasing the drop rate for the desired ones. However, this approach comes at the cost of additional wishes. It is crucial to evaluate the trade-off between increased drop rates and efficient wish usage.

4. Skill Stone Drop Rates:

Unlike artifact drop rates, the drop chance for skill stones remains constant regardless of the number of wishes used. Whether a commander opts for a 1-wish draw or a 6-wish draw, the chance of obtaining a skill stone remains the same.

5. Efficient Skill Stone Farming Strategy:

To maximize efficiency in acquiring skill stones, commanders are advised to follow these steps:

  1. One-Wish Draws: Initiate one-wish draws until you obtain a skill stone. The drop chance remains consistent, making this the most resource-efficient method.
  2. Reset and Repeat: Once a skill stone is acquired, reset the board, and repeat the process. This ensures commanders focus on finishing one skill before moving on to the next.
  3. Wish Banking: To avoid inefficient wish usage, maintain an adequate reserve of wishes. Unlucky streaks may require multiple draws, and having enough wishes to complete a round even with bad luck is crucial.
  4. Estimated Cost: On average, commanders may spend around 55-60 wishes per skill stone. Considering the cost of wishes, approximately $137-$150 per skill stone draw can be expected.

6. Note on Drop Chance:

While the official drop chance for a skill stone is 1%, it’s essential to understand that the probability changes with each wish. The initial draw has a 1% chance, but subsequent draws see a slightly higher chance as the pool of unwanted items decreases.

7. Conclusion:

Mastering the art of skill stone farming in the Blessings of Triss event requires a strategic and resource-conscious approach. By adopting efficient wish usage, resetting the board judiciously, and maintaining a wish reserve, commanders can navigate the event with precision. May your wishes be granted, and your Immortals strengthened with the coveted skill stones. Best of luck, commanders!

Published: 29-12-2023