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Goddesses Festival 2024

Goddesses Festival Event Guide: Maximizing Rewards in Infinity Kingdom

The Goddesses Festival returns to Infinity Kingdom, continuing the tradition of celebrating with Goblets, Souvenir Coins, and Divine Crystals. This event offers players, both free-to-play (F2P) and spenders, a variety of rewards through active participation and strategic resource management. Here’s how to navigate this event efficiently, ensuring you maximize the benefits from both tiers of rewards.

Free Tier Rewards: Goblets to Souvenir Coins Conversion

Collecting Goblets

Participants will collect Goblets throughout the event period, which serve as the primary currency for F2P rewards. These Goblets can be converted into Souvenir Coins, the currency used to redeem rewards in the free tier.

Noteworthy Free Tier Rewards

While the free tier rewards may not seem as lucrative compared to previous events, there are still valuable items to be obtained for diligent players:

  • 100 Stardust for 150 Souvenir Coins: Essential for upgrading portrait levels, stardust remains a valuable resource.
  • Epic Immortal Selection Chest for 150 Souvenir Coins: For players looking to complete or enhance their epic immortal rosters, this selection chest offers a direct path to do so.
  • Minor Speedups: While not the highlight of the event, speedups are always useful for progressing faster in various game aspects.

Spender Tier Rewards: Leveraging Divine Crystals

Earning Divine Crystals

Divine Crystals are obtained through event-specific quests and spending gems, with the conversion rate being 1 Divine Crystal for every 200 gems spent. These crystals unlock the path to more premium rewards within the event.

Premium Rewards and Their Costs

The spender tier offers significant rewards that can impact your strategic positioning in the game:

  • Holy or Shadow Immortal for 120 Divine Crystals (24,000 gems): Acquiring a Holy or Shadow immortal at this price is an opportunity worth considering for players focusing on these elements, particularly for those looking to max out immortals like Himiko or Tomyris.
  • Unique Artifacts for 60 Divine Crystals (12,000 gems): Given the essential role of artifacts in boosting immortal performance, securing them at this price offers great value. Players should prioritize acquiring artifacts integral to their main lineup.

Strategic Considerations

Assessing Value and Priorities

  • For F2P Players: Focus on collecting Goblets daily to maximize your Souvenir Coins. Prioritize rewards that directly contribute to your current objectives, such as stardust for portrait levels or specific epic immortals to round out your lineup.
  • For Spenders: Evaluate your spending plans in the context of the event. If you were already planning to invest in gems, timing your purchases to coincide with the Goddesses Festival can yield additional value in the form of Divine Crystals. Prioritize holy or shadow immortals and unique artifacts that align with your strategic needs.


  • Daily Engagement: Ensure you’re completing the event-specific quests daily to gather as many Goblets and Divine Crystals as possible.

The Goddesses Festival in Infinity Kingdom presents a blend of opportunities for both free-to-play participants and spenders. While the free tier offers modest rewards, diligent collection and conversion of Goblets to Souvenir Coins can still yield useful resources. For spenders, the event underscores the strategic use of gems to obtain significant boosts through Holy or Shadow immortals and unique artifacts. By carefully navigating the event’s mechanics and optimizing resource allocation, players can enhance their Kingdom’s prowess and prepare for the challenges ahead in Norheim.

Published: 25-03-2024