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New Year Redemption Event

It is Lunar New Year! Rejoice Norheim, this is great news for all – especially Free 2 Play players!

Table of content:

New Year Gifts

Badge Redeem Event

There are many good rewards available in the event redeem shop this time! Please see full table below:

Cost in New Year’s CardsPurchase ItemPurchase Limit
60060 Epic Immortal Fragments (Attila, El Cid or Alexander)1
100100 Dragon Souls (Earth, Lightning, Water or Fire)1
50Territorial Teleport1
30Philosophers Stones10
10500 AP Potion5
1050 SP Potion5
153h Universal Speedup10
8Medium Rss Opt. Chest10
121h Universal Speedup30
5Basic Rss Opt. Chest100

Important Rewards

Noteworthy are especially the 60 Epic Immortal Fragments for Immortals normally only available through spending! If you are a free to play player, this is a VERY rare opportunity to get these Immortals. Once you unlock either one (60 fragments req.) this Immortal will appear in the market for gems. Read the article on upgrading Immortals here: Immortal-star-upgrade-costs/

This means you can be a completly F2P player and still have a water team with a maxed Attila, earth with maxed Alexander or lightning with maxed El Cid!

Purple Crystals

What if you already have these Immortals maxed or just dont care about them? You can gain a good portion of Purple Crystals from this event too.

Cost in New Year’s CardsPurchase ItemPurchase LimitTotal CrystalCrystals per New Year’s Card
60060 Epic Immortal Fragments1600010
30Philosophers Stones10515017

The most efficient item is the Philosopher stones, like it usually is. However, it should be noted that the New Year’s Cards seem to drop in large quantities – so you should be able to prioritize both of the above rewards and reap maximum value in Purple Crystals from this event.

Speed Ups

Patch 1.8 was recently introduced, meaning new building and technology levels! This means speed ups are in even higher demand than usually, and as such it is worth noting that there are pretty decent speed up rewards available from this event too.

Max Speed Ups from event = 60 hours // 2.5 days.

Published: 01-02-2022