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Hunting Festival 2023

You want to sharped your arrows and polish your scopes this time around because the hunting festival has INSANE rewards in 2023!

We got all the same rewards as last year, decent castle skin (and the best looking skin imo). Loads of philosopher stones, utility items, rss’, frame, textbox and much more. But much more important is the availability of unique artifact schematics as well as a rare chance to get free Loki fragments!

Uniques include:

  1. Celestial’s Blade, Unique artifact for Attila the Hun.
  2. Homer’s Epic, Unique artifact for Alexander the Great.
  3. The Song of the Cid, Unique artifact for El Cid.
  4. Wings of War, Unique artifact for Saladin.

This is huge and you want to make sure you spend the gems required to max the Legendary Hunter challenge by day 5 end.

How does it work?

The Hunting Festival 2023 will begin on May 17th and last until May 21st (available for servers that have been open for more than 7 days; the event will last for the first 5 days, and the sixth day is the settlement day in which you can continue to claim rewards). Let’s check out the event details together!

  1. Tribal Warrior: complete daily tasks to obtain Mithril Arrow materials (Unyielding Wood and Falcon Feathers) and points.

Once your task completion progress reaches certain points, you can get a progress chest that contains Lustrium Arrows.

As with many other seasonal events, doing these daily quests is very important and will reward you with Loki fragments!

2. Hunting Festival Adventure: you have a chance to obtain Chests when you defeat Gnome armies or Bosses during the event. Each Chest contains materials for making arrows (Unyielding Wood or Falcon Feathers)!

These are important because you need a lot of arrows to complete the Legendary Hunter challenge of the festival.

3. Forging Master: obtain Unyielding Wood and Falcon Feathers to craft Mithril Arrows, or use Gems to craft Lustrium Arrows. Arrows can be used to win fantastic rewards in Legendary Hunter!

4. Legendary Hunter: during the Hunting Festival, use arrows to knock down wooden cards. Each time you knock down a beast card, you’ll unlock the corresponding reward. Arrows can be crafted in the Forging Master event. There are three reward tiers in total. Rewards include exclusive Hunting Festival decorations and more!

For detailed information on maxing Legendary hunter, please see my article: Legendary Hunter costs

Published: 18-05-2023