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Sparks of Galaxy 101

In this guide we are going to have a closer look at a new event called “Sparks of Galaxy”. In this event, you are able to spend both gems and purchase bundles in order to earn Frosty Orbs which you in turn use to unlock strong rewards.

This event is quite special and in my opinion an awesome event because it offers rewards which has previously been very expensive, for mid-spenders! Yes, you heard correct. In this first itteration we are looking at shadow Immortals and Unique Artifacts available for gems and low-cost bundles! This means that more players will be able to afford and access (heck, even slow grind) shadow Immortals and their unique artifacts via this event. You do not have to participate in the expensive Triss Roulette and Theia’s Roulette anymore!

Event rewards

In the first itteration of this event we are able to reap in Siegfried and Himiko Immortal fragments, as well as Unique Artifact fragments for these two Immortals. In addition, we are able to get Shadow Dragon Crystals and a solid pile of Philosopher stones in the process!

How does it work?

The event works much like the Stellar Compass event, but with a new unique event currency and a new set of rewards.

As you spend Frosty Orbs in the Horoscope, you have a chance to gain all the rewards available. As you spend your Orbs, the event bar will increase, improving the chances of the big jackpot Immortal Fragment reward.

Stock limitations

There are a few limitations on this event though! Unlike most other events, big spenders are not able to spend on a ton of expensive and low-efficiency 99$ bundles to quickly empty the event. Instead, we have an event shop where the stock limits are quite strict.

Over the course of this 3-day event you can purchase each day:

20 x 5 Frosty Orbs at a cost of = 20,000 gems
1 x 5 Frosty Orbs at a cost of = 0.99$
1 x 10 Frosty Orbs at a cost of = 1.99$
1 x 18 Frosty Orbs at a cost of = 4.99$
1 x 24 Frosty Orbs at a cost of = 9.99$
5 x 32 Frosty Orbs at a cost of = 19.99$

In total per day = 317 Orbs at a cost of 118$ and 20,000 gems.

Price of rewards spending on this event

The cost-efficiency on this event is through the roof! Compared to how players used to spend to get end-game shadow rewards, this event is very very efficient. If you ever were thinking of building a shadow team, now would be a good time!

Special thank you to those in the IK-Wiki Discord who has shared with us the rewards they have been getting. The results of this first event are as follow.

Multiple players have been kind enough to send me their results from this event. We have a total spend of 1796 Orbs across the 3 day event to calculate rewards on. On average, 100 orbs will give you the following rewards:

Immortal FragmentsUnique Artifact FragmentsShadow Dragon Crystals
Per 100 Orbs6513184

Max rewards

Let’s now assume that you max out the event every day of the three day event. How long will it take you to get enough rewards to max an Immortal? and at what cost?

We know we can get per day = 317 Orbs at a cost of 118$ and 20,000 gems. We need 1020 fragments to max an Immortal and 60 Fragments to craft a unique artifact. How many Orbs do we then need?

Orbs per 1020 FragmentsOrbs per Artifact

Meaning we need 1.64 events to max an Immortal and we can get 2.1 full unique artifacts each event!

The cost of maxing an Immortal and making a single Unique Artifact will on average be:

Dollars per Orb0.37$
Gems per Orb200
Cost per Immortal580$164,600
Cost per Artifact171$9685

All in all a very efficient event, dropping the barrier to entry from 2-3,000$ per shadow Immortal to 580$

Published: 22-12-2022